Alaska’s melting permafrost is filled with mercury


Oh Boy! Alaska’s melting permafrost is filled with mercury. And that’s no great news! Mercury is bad news for animals, plants, humans, water tables, and whole ecosystems, which is why it’s so important to contain. But according to a new study, there is a large reservoir of mercury trapped in Alaskan permafrost that is presently melting.

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Alaska’s melting permafrost is full of mercury. Consequences of mercury poisoning in Alaska

The deposits of mercury in high northern latitudes could amount to the biggest amount found anywhere in the world something like up to 15 million gallons of mercury up there, or “twice as much mercury as the rest of all soils, the atmosphere, and ocean combined.” Releasing so much of this stuff into the greater environment could spell an ecological disaster.

The big concern is that mercury will permeate soil currently thawing. Oups! and the melting of the permafrost may also release methane, a greenhouse gas, that has been safely stored away in this region until now.

If the mercury were to stay trapped in soil, it might not cause as many dire long-term health consequences. But if it waterways, it could work its way up the food chain from microorganisms to humans. It’s also possible that small amount of the metal could get into the atmosphere, which would allow it to spread beyond its current latitudes.

Whatever way you cut it, the mercury in the tundra could literally rise up and spread farther than we hope, with devastating effect. Mercury is known to have dangerous and lasting neurological effects.

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  1. Easy fix. Just do what they do with anything poisonous they don’t want to worry about- Raise the acceptable FDA safe level of consumption.

  2. So what if this was the plan?
    We know we are on a flat earth, a dome overhead, a contained environment, planets and outer space, to mention just two, are impossible.
    Okay, now that we have that taken care: what if the Annunaki, the inventors of humans – here we go: humans are the result of the Annunaki experimenting with DNA, so, be-cause all that was used to make people was already in the environment the Annunaki were not our Creator’s, they were the other people who invented us (think about this, oh please, think about this).
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    So what if the Annunaki built a plan into their invention, a plan so that safe guards were necessary, say, like, if people don’t do right the weather will be changed releasing the Mercury we have frozen away to dissolve and destroy them before they can destroy us, here, on the other side of the Ice Wall?

  3. It is amazing that those reptilian secret underground bases are under permafrost, too. But it does not look comfortable though. I am glad I don’t need to stay their secret bases under permafrost. I saw old youtube documentary video about US military underground bases under ice in Greenland with a nuclear power plant. But they don’t tell us about their “Meat Locker” existence.

    Mercury is their favorite nerve poison to put into our food and shots as preservative. Alabama Immunization handbook said “Mercury is the safest preservative for your body.” Also they said “Aluminium is added to boost your children’s immune system.” They want us to have lots of mercury and aluminium in our body so that we become inferior to them. I tell you they are really afraid of real human potential.

  4. OK, as soon as they said “thawing due to climate change” they don’t mean natural, but “man (farting-breathing) made” and I turned it off. More incorrect data to get people on the “tax the hell outta me” to fix climate change bandwagon hoax.

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