A physical map of religious faith in the USA: The Mormons welcome you to UTAH ISLAND


In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, you might have seen maps showing “TrumpLand” and the “Clinton Archipelago”, essentially, creating two new geographic bodies out of the areas that voted for Trump or Clinton. Well, Alex Egoshin of Vivid Maps has now applied a similar dynamic to religious faith, creating a new map based on the percentage of people in a given area that believe in a higher power. Redder areas are more religious, while bluer areas are less so.

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Faith Map: A physical map of Faith in the USA. by Alex Egoshin of Vivid Maps

Take, for instance, the “Utah Island”, where more than 60% of Utah residents are Mormon, so it’s unsurprising that the state makes up such a large contiguous area of red.

By the way, here are the Trump and Clinton maps. Pretty interesting to look at too:

Trumpland map
Trumpland map. via Vivid Maps
Clinton Archipelago map
Clinton Archipelago map. via Vivid Maps

Maps are always pretty to the point!

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via Vivid Maps

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  1. As feckless as the GOP establishment is, after this week, anyone still a Democrat is an enemy of the people or pig ignorant to the level of mental illness.

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