Eerie image: Massive cyclone eye OVER Tonga – Tonga is gonna be destroyed this cyclone is huge


Tropical Cyclone Gita continues to strengthen and is closing in on Tonga, where it will make a direct hit early this week with destructive winds, heavy rain and possible storm surge inundation. This is an incredibly eerie image! This is a FORECAST satellite by HWRF, one of the most accurate models when it comes to tropical systems and it shows a massive eye which is OVER Tonga!

Huge cyclone over Tonga, eye of cyclone over tonga, tonga cyclone february 2018
Weather forecast: Huge cyclone over Tonga. Image: Simulated satellite imagery via HWRF 

I seriously am hoping the people of Tonga are going to be okay. This is not a good situation, this is a very dangerous and life threatening situation. Just fingers crossed.

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  1. Tonga is the island of cannibals (=cannibalistic reptilians)

    Missionaries Are Eaten By Tonga Cannibals.
    Seattle, Wash.— Tne Rev. Horatio Hopkins, a Presbyterian missionary, and the Rev. Hector Laucie McPherson, his assistant, were killed and eaten by caaadhals on Savage Island of the Tonga group. More info: California Digital Newspaper Collection > Amador Ledger > 20 May 1910

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