Mount Etna sparks fears of fiery eruption after rapid swarm of earthquakes in Italy


Mount Etna, one of the word’s most active volcanoes, sparked fears of a fiery eruption on Thursday after a rapid succession of powerful tremors rocked the fiery mountain. Residents of the ancient city of Catania on the eastern shores of Sicily were struck with panic after three quakes rattled Etna within 5 minutes.

3 earthquakes hit Mount Etna, Italy on March 8 2018, earthquake etna march 2018
Are these quakes signs of the next eruption of the Sicily volcano? Imgae: Getty

Etna volcano only sits 18 miles from the coastal town. Its southern slopes were rocked by three shallow tremors – depths between zero and two km – in the early morning hours of March 8, 2018.

The strongest quake was a M3.3 and struck around 9.50am local time just over 4 miles north of Ragalna, a small commune southeast of Palermo.

Just a minute prior to it, in the same area, a magnitude 2.8 tremor was detected just before a M2.5 quake was felt across the region.

3 earthquakes hit Mount Etna, Italy on March 8 2018, earthquake etna march 2018
3 earthquakes hit Mount Etna, Italy on March 8 2018. Image via Getty

Mount Etna is a classic example of a stratovolcano towering over the eastern part of Sicily at a height of 3,350m and is one of the volcanoes with the longest historic records of eruptions, going back more than 2000 years.

The Mount Etna quakes come off the back of the Philippines volatile Mount Mayon erupting on Thursday morning.

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