Red flag warnings issued for 6 states as “extreme, catastrophic” fire conditions fuel dozens of fires that scorched more than 13,000 acres in Kansas


Wildfires burned thousands of acres Thursday in Kansas and authorities are warned that “extreme, catastrophic” fire conditions could prove disastrous for the region on Friday. About 100 people were evacuated Friday in Pueblo County, Oklahoma, as wind-driven wildfires flare up in the Plains. The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag warning Friday for 36 counties primarily in southwestern portions of Kansas and for most of Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, northeastern New Mexico, southeastern Colorado and southeastern Missouri.

Strong winds and dry conditions fueled dozens of fires Thursday that scorched an estimated 13,000 acres in the Sunflower State – Kansas for those who don’t know.

A fire destroyed two buildings in Kiowa County, but no injuries have been reported. It was one of 45 wildfires reported. Four fires were still burning out of control by the end of the day Thursday and another 12 were active but under control.

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Drought and wildfires in Kansas 2018: Extreme drought conditions covers almost 20% of Kansas. Severe drought expanded to 56%, moderate drought covers additional 26%. Fire danger continues & is red flag today.

Extreme to exceptional drought is in place over the Plains of southwest Kansas, western Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and northern New Mexico. Some of these areas haven’t seen a good soaking in over five months. Strong winds blowing over dried-out grasses and brush is a dangerous scenario for any small fire to be whipped into a fast-moving inferno within minutes.

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  1. ARAMAKI: Says, Hhhnnmm this pattern seems to be increasing in quite a few places. Israel has had drought for a few years as well as South Africa is hurting the most. California might be repeating the classic 4 years dry, then one EL NINO wet , then 4 more dry years. Yet now California is having a mini repeat of the Miracle March of 1991. The Jet stream is going much more North and South because of the increasing effect of the Grand Solar Minimum. This will in time start to create never seen before climate events that have not been seen for quite some time. Flash droughts lasting a few months to a month of rain in five days, all in the same region. To cut to the point one must now consider that the 24 Wall Mart days are coming to a end. The nightmare of half full? ,or empty shelves will be the next MAJOR issue the world will have to deal with! So do what you can container gardens , raised bed gardens , greenhouses and animal husbandry try out something. Don’t be like those procrastinating IDIOTS who always puts it off for tomorrow. Oh and to respond to the reporters first question THERE IS NO KENICHI REPORT!

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