What is this weird animal sound?


I just received this message from somebody living in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. There is this blackbird at dawn (5:20am)… But then at around 00:20 secs, this:

Her phone doesn’t appear faulty. Anybody knows what it could be? I think it is an animal but I cannot tell which one. Thank you for your help…

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Very strange animal sounds

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  1. PUBLIC SECURITY SECTION 9 AGENT PROTO SAYS: Sounds like when my cyber brain scanner influx actuator balance machine nano quantum computer goes crazy. That crazy Pyromaniac hacker person put a insane in the membrane virus into my lab tool.

  2. Looked up that city in wales and there is a zoo and a monkey sanctuary, maybe some type of monkey or hoofed animal at either of those places. Crazy sound for sure


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