Is there a wolf in Scotland? These mysterious noises baffle Scottish Island and give me goose bumps (video)


What could be roaming Scotland and northern England?

These unexplained noises captured on August 31, 2017 give me goose bumps.

Hotel night manager Paul Naylor was conducting his nightly rounds of his Outer Hebrides hotel on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides on August 31st when a haunting sound stopped him in his tracks:

Is this sound coming from wolves? I doubt: wild wolves haven’t been present in the United Kingdom for hundreds of years. A zoologists affirms that the howling is too monotone to be made by wolves.

So what msterious creature made this sound,

A deer?

A fox?

We are far away!

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Howling wolf in Scottish Island? A mysterious noise baffles residents in the UK. via Mysterious Universe

Or did this mysterious noise came out from a humpback whale in the harbor? Maybe:

The mystery hasn’t been solved yet. What do ou think it was?

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