Basenji Bark: Basenji Dogs Yodel


The Basenji is a ‘barkless dog.’

The hunting dog produces an unusual yodel-like sound, known as baroo, due to its unusually shaped larynx.

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A basenji. Basenji are barkless dogs. These dogs don’t bark, they yodel. By fugzu via Wikipedia – originally posted to Flickr as Cody alias Fez delle Caserosse, CC BY 2.0,

The Basenji is a breed of dog native to Central Africa, utilized as a proficient hunter.

It first left the Congo in ancient times as a gift to Egyptian pharaohs. It only made his way to England or America in the mid-1900s.

The Basenji is barkless, due to its narrow larynx. As a result, instead of barking, the Basenji vocalizes through yodels — which sound like “baroos” or howls:

Hunters likely selected the Basenji’s barkless trait deliberately as barks may have stunted a hunt by alarming rival hunters or scaring off prey.

Basenjis are known for their remarkable intelligence — as well as their tendency to be stubborn and mischievous.

Inquisitive, Basenjis will likely eat anything you leave lying around, or will crawl through a fence to explore the neighborhood.

Basenji dogs can certainly learn commands, but they may also choose to ignore them.

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