Australian Magpie Imitates Fire Emergency Sirens


Meanwhile in Australia, the situation is so disastrous…

That even a magpie mimicks the sound of emergency sirens.

Australian magpie imitates fire sirens in video, magpie imitates fire sirens video, video magpie imitates fire sirens
Australian magpie imitates fire sirens in video. Picture via IMGFlip

As shown in my latest post about the raging bushfires in Australia, the crisis is unprecedented, with states of emergency across the country as well as skies turning blood red. But this video is one of the coolest thing ever:

Yes, this Australian magpie in Newcastle, NSW had learned to sing the calls of fire-engines and ambulances.

Australian Magpie are best imitators

This bird is incredible at imitating other bird species, dogs, horses as well as little girl laughing and even computer games.

But magpies become infamously aggressive and territorial during “swooping season”, during which they swoop down low and fast over people in order to warn them off and protect their nests.

Fires in Australia decimate wildlife

The fires have been disastrous for wildlife, with experts estimating that nearly half a billion animals may have been killed since september 2019. Their emblem is kangaroo joey that got caught in a barbed-wire fence and burned to death as it attempted to flee the blaze.

Well some kangaroos seem to have enough power to have a small boxing intermezzo:

If you see an animal in distress, just help! Be generous in times of despair. More headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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