Earth’s surface is cooling ‘dramatically’, creating hurricane threat to US East Coast


40-year veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi at WeatherBell’s Saturday Summary shows how the Earth’s surface has cooled dramatically over the past three years and that Arctic sea ice is piling up.

earth is cooling, Our Earth is cooling, cooling earth conspiracy
Our Earth is cooling

First at his most recent Saturday Summary, the 40-year meteorologist first warns that in-close developing hurricanes of the sort seen in the 1930s are a risk to the US East Coast this year, due the current Atlantic temperature pattern. The reason has nothing to do with CO2 in the atmosphere, but because of natural sea surface temperature cycles.

Next Joe Bastardi illustrates the stark sea surface cooling the globe has seen over the recent years. The following two charts show the “pretty dramatic” cooling that has occurred over the past three years, 2015 vs 2018. Bastardi calls it “a pretty big flip” and “a pretty dramatic turnaround”:

ocean cooling, the ocean is cooling, ocean is cooling not warming
The two images above show the surface temperatures of the globe for the years 2015 – 2018. Note the profound cooling that has taken place from 2015 to 2018. via

As sea surface temperatures around Greenland and in the Arctic are currently below normal, they are having an impact on Arctic surface temperatures this summer.

Joe Bastardi notes that according to the Danish DMI, Arctic temperature has been below normal over the entire summer:

arctic temperature below normal 2018, world is cooling, oceans are getting colder
Plot showing the daily mean temperature and climate north of the 80th northern parallel, as a function of the day of year. Temperatures are below the normal.

Moreover, Arctic mid-summer temperatures, north of 80°N latitude, have dipped to near freezing over the past days. This is likely in large part linked to the cold North Atlantic sea surface temperatures we’ve been witnessing. All this suggests ocean cycles, and not CO2, are the real Arctic drivers.

The cold polar temperatures are naturally having an impact on Arctic snow and ice. Japanese blogger Kirye tweeted here that Arctic sea ice volume is currently at the 4th highest level since 2003, thus defying the dire alarmist predictions of Arctic sea ice disappearing by now. Arctic sea ice volume (m3) has eased off from third place and is now at the 4th highest level since 2003, and showing an upward recovering trend over the past decade:

arctic sea ice increases, ice arctic ocean increases, volume ice increases arctic
The current Arctic sea ice volume has been the 4th highest in 16 years since June 30, 2018, according to the DMI. It had been the 3rd highest from June 24 to 29, 2018. via Twitter

Also at the 11:50 mark of his Saturday Summary video, Joe shows that Arctic sea ice extent is well above the levels seen over the previous years.

Those are pretty interesting examples of a cooling Earth, don’t you think?

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  1. We are also heading towards maximum solar minimum. Getting very close to the maximum. Which also help so to cool the earth many times creating mini ice ages. But we have several interesting things going on at the moment as the magnetic poles are trying to flip which we are long over as it used to happen in regular intervals until last time when the pole flip reversed itself while it was trying to flip. Also in next couple of days all planets will be on one side of the sun. The solar minimum as well as planets being on one side of the sun usually cause increased volcanic activity which the ash tends to cool the earth. As I have been a saying since Fukushima that that wouldn’t increase volcanic activity of the ring of fire as the nuclear fuel mixes w water becomes heavy and melts into the thin crust of the Pacific Ocean. Since it happened the ring of fire has increased activity. Thank goodness N Korea stopped setting off nuclearized bombs as that also was having an effect along the ring of fire. After his first bomb all earthquakes started happening at about twice the depth of his bomb at 6.4 miles deep Andy lasted about 6 months. Earthquake depths around the ring of fire never usually synch depth. It really freaked me out all earthquakes kept being at same depth like that

    • “OUR EARTH IS COOLING”, 4 words global warming……oops, I meant “climate change” fanatics hate to hear!!!
      Strange Sounds better be careful with this topic because they may condemn this site for the ABHORRENT words used————->earth is cooling.

  2. The HAARP will destroy our atmosphere and the life in alll planet Earth .
    The earth is a planet no an star.
    The sun our sun is an star

  3. “Japanese blogger Kirye tweeted here that Arctic sea ice volume is currently at the 4th highest level since 2003”

    Who is this Japanese blogger Kirye? Even the name Kirye is NOT a Japanese name. Who is this mystery guy? He is a new kind of prophet?

    Arctic Sea Ice Volume graph is edited by Kirye?

    I myself feel getting hotter and hotter in Summer, but getting colder and colder in winter. But generally arctic ice are more melting faster increasing the circulating water on the Earth. Ice on any glaciers are melting and receding, rather than increasing. It is obvious that we have much more water circulating on the Earth creating more hurricanes and floods. In Sweden, they have record high temperatures (eye popping 90 degree = 30 degree) with so many wildfires. In addition, we have the record high temperatures in the US & Canada, too. Many people have died because of the record heat wave all over the world. The word “record” is the good expression to explain about the extreme weather and temperature in the year of 2018.

    • If arctic sea ice is generally melting and receding, then why does the data show arctic volume increasing? is it melting along the edges and building near the poles? I am just trying to understand. Thanks!

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