You don’t buy that earthquakes can be man made? This is evidence from 60 years ago!


So you don’t buy that earthquakes can be man made? This is evidence from 60 years ago! It was detonated at least 6000 feet into the ground (roughly 2000 meters). This footage is from Project Cannikin, which was a proof-test for the 5 megaton warhead to be used on the Spartan missile system. Researchers were fearful of such a large device being detonated underground, so the testing was moved to way out in the middle of nowhere on the Amchitka penninsula in Alaska. The effect on the ground was necessary, and predicted, to see its pulse effect.

Seismic recordings of the test registered a magnitude of 6.8 on the richter scale as a direct result of the detonation. Over 1,000 after shocks with magnitudes as greater than 4.0 on the richter scale were recorded within the first 30 days following the blast.

The energy produced by the detonation caused the surface of the island directly above the device to rise 25 feet. Large portions of the coastline collapsed into the sea for a stretch of two-miles from ground-zero. The beach and ocean floor in the near vicinity, the Cannikin site were permanently raised 5 feet.

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Generated By Underground Nuclear Explosion Cannikin Alaska, 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Generated By Underground Nuclear Explosion Cannikin Alaska video
6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Generated By Underground Nuclear Explosion Cannikin Alaska

The blast caused a subsidence crater over a mile wide and 60 feet deep, which filled with water and became the largest lake on the island. Rockfalls, containing over 46,000 square yards of material, smothered intertidal marine life. Nearly three hundred deceased rock greenling fish were found offshore, and subsequent catches of rock sole declined substantially.

The remains of over 10,000 three-spined sticklebacks and 700 Dolly Varden were found in the island’s lakes, streams, and ponds. Perhaps 1,000 sea otters were killed, their skulls fractured by the force of the blast driving their eyeballs through the bones behind their sockets. Harlequin ducks were found with their backs broken and their legs driven into their bodies by the force of the explosion.

So you still believe there are no man-made earthquakes?

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  1. How come that videos from 60 yrs ago are in colored? i know that videos from 40 years ago was black and white but those ones are in color

  2. Underground nuclear tests in the 50s caused minor earthquakes in the Arizona desert — like a 3.3. But there’s a catch. It triggered an earthquake on a fault line that had lain dormant for 4 million years. Imagine what an underground blast could do on a dangerously active deep trench fault like the one off Banda Acha.

  3. Absolutely false, and irresponsible fear-mongering. Human activity absolutely does cause smaller earthquakes. This ridiculous article is showing a nuclear test which is NOT the cause of the natural Alaskan earthquake also described in the video. Absolutely not, it’s 100% false.

    It’s a well-known fact that human activity causes small to moderate earthquakes. High pressure injection used in fracking for natural gas frequently causes earthquakes in places like Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. Magnitudes of these man-made earthquakes can range up to four or 5 .5 or so. But fracking could not possibly cause an earthquake with a thousand times more energy, the energy in a magnitude 6.8 natural force earthquake like the one you mixed into the video from Alaska.

    This is ridiculous, outrageous, irresponsible fear-mongering. Shame on you. FYI, I am a geoscientist.

    • Hi, Mr. agent. How are you? You believe the video created by the government is fake? This nuke underground detonation to create earthquake is fake? Many of scientists are hired by the entities in order to spread lies. What is matter to them is only money.

    • Please return to William Cohen’s public address back in 1997 stating that there are those who can do that and also trigger volcanoes. If Mr. Tesla were alive he could absolutely tell you that and much more.

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  5. Trump says only “FAKE NEWS” is the “enemy of the people”

    I have mentioned many times that most of news are scripted in Reptilian entities’ offices. Look at the reptilian crisis actors and actresses whose eyes are moving in order to read their scripts. In this world created by reptilian entities are all fake including education, health care, science, politics, history, religions, mortgage calculation etc… I hope people can realize this reality soon. But so many of them have been so deeply brainwashed, and sadly, no way to deprogram themselves.

  6. ‘Worst hail storm in memory’ adds to La Veta’s woes

    They had drought, wildfire (Spring fire, one of the biggest wildifre in Colorado history), and hailstorm. I bet there should be a big population of reptilians. “Law of Attraction” plays a big roll right now. Evil attracts so many bad lucks.

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  8. 1946 The First man-made massive tsunami ever recorded in History

    US military has been studying and experimenting how to create earthquake and tsunami for such a long time. You can say they are experts for man-made earthquake and tsunami. All the tsunami including Sumatra tsunami 2004 which killed 230,000 people, and Tsunami in Japan 2011 which killed more than 30,000 are the results of the US military experiments.

    In Japan, just before the Tsunami hit, there was a party of Freemason in Tokyo. Some witness said that there was a map of Japan exhibited in the party conference room, and what he found was the tsunami affected area was erased out of the map.

    The top member of religious cult members told me personally that she received a telephone call from the cult saying “A big tsunami is coming.” 3 days before the tsunami came. That means many privileged people (= reptilians) had been notified about “When a giant tsunami is coming.” earlier than tsunami happened.

    Governor of Tokyo, Ishihara told on the TV interview “This tsunami happened because people have opposed to the tax increase.” This means whenever people are against tax increase, US military-made natural disaster hit Japan? All the Japan Defense Military bases are cohabiting and sharing with the same bases with US military in Japan. You know Japan is still under the control of US military.

  9. During WWII, US military bomber B-29 came over Japan and distributed leaflets over the sky. The leaflets said

    “Do you remember the big earthquake in 1923 that caused great damage to your country? The United States can produce an earthquake that would cause the damage of 1000 times.”

    The US-method (US technology made) Earthquake
    – and learn when it occurs.”

    Then in December 1944, Tonankai Earthquake happened in Japan.

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