Reviving memories of Fukushima disaster: Hokkaido nuclear plant on backup power after M6.6 earthquake in Japan


A nuclear power station in Hokkaido is relying on emergency backup power after a powerful earthquake knocked out electricity on the northern island Thursday, offering a stark reminder of the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

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Tomari Nuclear Power Station in the village of Tomari, Hokkaido, is seen in 2015. The plant is running on emergency power after a powerful earthquake knocked out electricity in Hokkaido on Thursday. Picture from KYODO

The three-reactor Tomari nuclear plant, operated by Hokkaido Electric Power Co. and in shutdown since the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, lost power after a magnitude 6.7 quake hit the island in the early hours, the government said.

The plant’s fuel rods are being cooled with emergency power supplied by diesel generators, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters Thursday.

There were no radiation irregularities at the plant, Suga said, citing the operator. The atomic regulator said the diesel generators have enough fuel to last seven days.

Hokkaido Electric has shut down all fossil fuel plants, cutting power to all its nearly 3 million customers, a spokesman said.

Same old s**t. Nothing has changed. If there is another big quake … or the diesel generators crap out … or they can’t get fuel to them, another 4000 atomic bombs of radiation will be added to the air that you and your kids breathe.

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Japan Times – Hokkaido nuclear plant on backup power after quake, reviving memories of Fukushima disaster


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