Strong M6.5 earthquake hits Solomon Islands


Like on almost every day since about a week or so, an earthquake larger than magnitude 6 on the Richter scale hit somewhere around the world. Today, September 9, 2018, a M6.5 earthquake struck the Solomon Islands in Oceania.

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A M6.5 earthquake hit the Solomon Islands on September 9, 2018. via USGS

The powerful quake hit at a depth of approximately 83km (52miles), 66km NW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands.

According to the US tsunami warning system, there are no Tsunami Warning, Advisory, Watch, or Threat following the earthquake that they measured at M6.7.

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USGS – M6.5 – 66km NW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
NOAA – Tsunami warning


  1. Ashtar / News from the Galactic Federation of Light / September 9, 2018

    A message from Ashtar Sheran

    The moment of truth is approaching. The degree of danger for people who are blink of survival as a result of natural disasters which has become more destructive every day. Why it’s happening? Humanity is too slow to turn its ship which is taking a wrong course, leading them to destruction.

    In the preceding decades, all the higher forces of the universe worked to compel you to waken, sending numerous sings and cues and also literal unequivocal information about ascension and shift of your planet to another dimension into another energy space.

    Your galactic sisters and brothers have joined in this process crucial for the entire universe trying to help as many people as possible to use this unique chance stopping the wheel of reincarnations and returning them where originally had come from.

    Born again and again in the 3D world where the cruel law of survival reign, where the world is ruled by race of Reptiloids (=Reptilians) who seize the power on the Earth and transform people into their obedient slaves.

    There is NO time left for pondering. Your earth is exhausted from endless waiting and already unable to keep on herself the burden of 3D world. The Earth throws it with all possible means through earthquakes and floods, through tornadoes and hurricanes, through tsunamis and volcanic explosions.

    And only you, dear Earthrings, could soften this process by changing consciousness, leading yourself from negative energies consuming you, and transforming them to energies of light and love.

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