The common sense gap: Why we do not prepare for earthquakes


Steven Eberlein’s experience of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami left him grappling with this question: can a society adapt to a risk that it has never experienced before? Steve’s mission is to spark a preparedness movement in the Pacific Northwest that will save lives in the event of a Cascadia Subduction Zone 9M earthquake. In this Talk, Steve shows that a society’s willingness to change is thwarted by an invisible force called the “common-sense gap” which, once identified and challenged, can quickly morph into a life-saving cultural movement.

Steven Eberlein was chosen from 254 applicants from the first ever TEDxPortland Ideas Booth. He had one week to prepare his Talk before 3000+ people. His idea explores the “common sense gap” as it relates to earthquakes challenging all of us to be a part of the preparedness movement.

preparing for the big one cascadia earthquake, preparing for the big one cascadia earthquake video
Preparing for the Big One along the Cascadia Subduction zone

Knowledge is not wisdom until it changes you!

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