Alpine lake mysteriously disappears in Italy


Lago Azzurro in the Italian Alps has almost completely disappeared as shown in this Before-After picture by Marco Pugliese:

lake disappears italy alps, blue lake disappears italy alps, laggo Azzurro disappears italy alps
Lago Azzurro, a famous lake in the Italian Alps, has mysteriously disappeared. No more water to see in the Lake Blue. via Facebook / Marco Pugliese

It is however unknown how the body of water lost all of its water.

The dry and empty ‘Blue Lake’ was discovered by Marco Pugliese, a photographer loving this small body of water surrounded by century-old larch trees. But once there, instead of amazing red, yellow and orange leaves reflecting in the crystal clear water, there were just grey stones to observe. Totally sad!

His comment on the picture says: ‘It may be time to start thinking about not wasting water. Yesterday, I felt bad after seeing the state of Lago Azzurro.

lake disappears italy alps, blue lake disappears italy alps, laggo Azzurro disappears italy alps
A normally beautiful lake has mysteriously dried up in the Italian Alps.

Scientists believe the record heat and the minimal rains recorded this summer are responsible for the alpine lake disappearance. It would be nice to have pictures of the lake bed to see if cracks, fissures or even holes have formed during this unprecedently hot summer.

It is also worth notifying that the lake has already disappeared in 2005 and 2006. At this time, environmentalists thought it was gone forever… But after artificial filling, Lago Azzurro began to fill up again in a natural way, fed by crystal clear spring water.

lake disappears italy alps, blue lake disappears italy alps, laggo Azzurro disappears italy alps
Another view of the dry lake in Italy by Pietro Giuseppe Ciapponi

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  1. This is happening all over…I am guessing it is FAR more prevalent than most understand, because in most instances, these lakes that are disappearing are in the middle of no where, and few people care much at all about such remote places anymore…And then those that do care, just can no longer afford or have any time left in their relentless schedules too go too such places of remote beauty anymore…This story is so much bigger than most can see…This is big big big news, and yet we are being inundated with lies and hypocrisy on every main stream news source…So when those few of us who are trying too get people too understand the many anomalies that are happening everywhere get looked at like we are space monkeys wearing tin foil hats or something…Up there next too fans should be a THOUSAND times that number…I only wish I could open the eyes of the masses and get them too see all that is happening in this late hour…

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