Powerful M7.0 earthquake hits just 8 miles North of Anchorage, Alaska jolting buildings violently and sending people fleeing to safety beneath door jambs (Pictures and Videos)


A large earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 struck Alaska near Anchorage on November 30, 2018, sending people fleeing from buildings and to safety beneath door jambs. The earthquake shook buildings violently, cracking up walls, damaging ceiling panels and flinging items off desks and walls.

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A M7.0 earthquake hit 13km (8 miles) North of Anchorage, Alaska at a depth of 41km (25.5 miles) on November 30, 2018. Map via USGS

The epicenter was just north of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, according to the Alaska Earthquake Center. And roads have been destroyed:

Here a terrifying video compilation:

The tsunami warning center in Palmer has issued a warning for Southcentral Alaska including Kenai, Kodiak and the shores of Cook Inlet.

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Tsunami warnings after the M7.0 earthquake near Anchorage, Alaska on November 30, 2018. Map from US Tsunami.gov

There were reports of power and phone outages in the region. City lost power. Thought I had a flat when driving across the overpass. Bridge collapsed in Anchorage.

The earthquake shook buildings violently. At Anchorage Daily News in Midtown, it sent cracks up walls, damaged ceiling panels and flung items off desks and walls, including a computer monitor and a fire extinguisher.

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Alaska Earthquake Center – Magnitude 7.0 – 7 miles NW of Elmendorf AFB
USGS – M 7.0 – 13km N of Anchorage, Alaska
US Tsunami


  1. I cannot find news about Alaskan earthquakes on the main page of CNN, now. I cannot find new images from Anchorage area at all. What I found were all the same images came out yesterday. This is kind of media blackout on Alaskan earthquakes? “They” really like to hide these tremors in Alaska because these tremors are NOT really earthquakes, but Galactic Federation of Light is cleaning up Reptilian Secret Underground Bases that causes the tremors.

  2. Buenos Aires earthquake: Quake hits near Argentina capital as world leaders attend G20 summit

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    Why Global Witness is in Monument Valley? Because they have found some injustice in that park or the Indian tribe managing the park. Many Indian tribes fall into the traps of Reptilian Organization, Illuminati because of their need for money. As you see in Google Map, you can see so many mining activities and quarries in many Indian Reservations.

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  4. There is a Reptilian facility (across Goose Creek Correctional Center) that has the entrance to Reptilian Secret Underground Base. Look at the street view of Google Map.

    This building does not have any name on Google Map. But look how they protect this facility by barbed wire fence. This building also does not have any windows. This is Reptilian fort and entrance to their secret underground base in Point MacKenzie, where is across the river from Elmendorf AFB surrounded by so many tremors.

  5. In Point MacKenzie where is getting so many quakes and also across Knik Arm (kind of big river to Anchorage sound) from Elmendorf AFB, has also Goose Creek Correctional Center surrounded by a swarm of tremors right now. It is clear that Point MacKenzie is the strategic location where has Reptilian Secret Underground Bases now have been attacked by Galactic Federation of Light. Why there is the Correctional Center in the middle of Reptilian Underground Base? Because a prison is needed by Reptilians. They can get those prisoners as their slaves, and also they can get fresh blood and human meat from those prisoners. I tell you where Reptilian Secret Underground Base is, where a prison or prisons exist.

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  6. When I clicked CNN, I expected Alaskan earthquakes news is the No.1 news, But No.1 news on CNN was
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  7. Now the number of tremors increased to 41 for last 1 hour or so. This area is US Air Force (Reptilian Force) dominant area with their Secret Underground Bases. That means this area is the target area of Galactic Federation of Light.

    Somebody commented on Dutchsinse Channel video
    “My Air Force son lives in Wasilla. His home is trashed – no power! “

  8. According to USGS, there were at least 16 tremors in different locations in north of Anchorage. The number of the tremors has been increased from 8 to 16 for last 20 minutes or so. But USGS has removed at least one M5.8 tremor happened in the heart of downtown in Anchorage. That means it is very possible that USGS is hiding many more tremors around Anchorage.

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