Terrifying videos show gigantic waves engulfing buildings and streets in Tenerife


After the largest waves around the world hit Newfoundland, Canada, some monster waves prompted evacuations on the island of Tenerife. It ‘s just insane how furious Mother Nature can be! Look at these giant waves engulfing buildings (… destroying their balconies) as well as flooding streets on the island of Tenerife, Spain.

giant waves tenerife video, Giant waves engulfs coastal Tenerife in terrifying videos
Giant waves engulfs coastal Tenerife in terrifying videos. via Youtube video

In Tacoronte:

Look in this second video also recorded in Taraconte, a gigantic wave destroys a bacony on the thrid floor! Insane:

and in Garachico:

As a result of this unprecedented surf, 65 residents were evacuated in Tacoronte, 39 in Garachico and several tourists from a restaurant in Adeje. According to local medias, there were no injuries although some damage has been reported in both municipalities.

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  1. I’ve found out that Colorado has volcanic activities. I have been wondering weather Colorado has volcanic activities whenever I see US ISCO (Idaho Springs, Colorado, USA) seismogram that looks really wavy all the time with magma movement. Yes, there is a Dotsero Volcanic Center 100 miles away from Idaho Springs. I feel even under State of Colorado, it looks like magma is getting active. Actually, Colorado is the neighboring state of Wyoming where Yellowstone Super volcano is located.


    Dotsero Crater, near the Dotsero railroad junction in central Colorado, is one of several volcanic features resulting from basaltic eruptions between 3,800 and 5,500 years ago.

    Today, U.S. Interstate Highway 70 cuts this lava flow. Dotsero Crater formed when magma encountered water and explosively blasted a crater through the country rock, destroying part of the scoria-cone chain and showering tephra across the landscape.

  2. Mud volcano around Paradise, Ca? Fire fighters found looks like mud volcano during operation. Long Valley Caldera is waking up? Paradise is not too far from Monmouth mountain and Mono Lake where Long Valley Caldera is. There are many hot springs along Sierra Nevada mountains. I saw some Youtube videos suggesting this FIRE is volcano related.

    When they walked up to it the ground was LITERALLY boiling!

    • Paradise California is Butte County. As the name suggesting, there are some volcanic buttes around the FIRE affected area. It is very possible that magma activities under California has become very active. Expect more big earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic activities.

  3. In Spain, it´s forbidden to build blocks of buildings right next to the sea, on the same shore with a small beach in the middle. Tenerife is full of building blocks that should not have been built.
    Any day of these will move the seabed and cause a sutnami to swallow all these buildings that are close to the sea and all tourism will disappear from these Spanish islands.
    In Spain this is the order of the day the cheating, the scam and doing things wrong and the reverse only do these things and then make money doing everything wrong.
    They are all fools, masochists and nobody does anything about it

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