Well we found out where the tooth fairy lives! Hundreds of teeth found inside the walls of building in Valdosta, Georgia


When construction crews knocked down a wall in the building, nearly 1,000 human teeth came spilling out. OMG! Imagine their surprise!

On October 22nd 2018 an estimated 1,000 human teeth were discovered inside a wall of a historic building during renovation in Downtown Valdosta when crews knocked down a wall.

While there is no clear explanation, officials said the building has been standing since 1900 and was home to dentist offices for several decades.

1000 teeth found in building wall in georgia, 1,000 human teeth found in wall of Georgia building, Hundreds of human teeth found in wall of Valdosta building
When construction crews knocked down a wall in the building, nearly 1,000 human teeth came spilling out. Photo via WC TV

The teeth will be donated to the Lowndes County Historical Society where they will be DNA-tested to find out who they belonged to.

Weirdly, city staff said since the discovery, several other cities’ Main Street departments have noted similar discoveries while renovating old dentist offices.

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WCTV – Hundreds of human teeth found in wall of Valdosta building


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      Street view of Google Map of that building of Valdosta, GA

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