Did vandals destroy ancient rock formations (Hoodoos and Arches) in Utah, or is it all a bizarre hoax?

ancient rock formation destruction utah, ancient rock formation destruction utah video, Did Vandals Destroy Ancient Rock Formations in Utah, or Is It All a Bizarre Hoax
Did Vandals Destroy Ancient Rock Formations in Utah, or Is It All a Bizarre Hoax? Gif from Youtube video

Two mysterious videos recently appeared online that allegedly show protected rock formations in the Utah desert being destroyed with explosives. The videos raise more questions than they answer, but if they’re fake, they’re very well done.

and here a second video:

The Utah Department of Natural Resources was contacted. Here the answer:

The Utah Department of Natural Resources and Division of Parks and Recreation learned of these videos yesterday. We are currently working to determine the authenticity of both and reaching out to other state and federal agencies to identify the exact locations.

The destruction of natural rock formations on public land is a crime and will be prosecuted. Formations like hoodoos and arches take tens of thousands of years to form and can be destroyed in seconds when people act carelessly and irresponsibly. Please protect Utah’s public lands. Report abusive behavior like vandalism and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

It’s entirely possible we’re just looking at someone’s visual effects demonstration that they want to go viral or real explosions that occurred somewhere other than Utah.

If someone really is going around blowing up natural history for some clicks, let’s hope they’re tracked down and stopped.

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    BTW: You just gave them your locations.

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