Paradise, Ca ‘Camp’ fire FLYOVER the day after the flight restriction was lifted! Total destruction!


This is another terrifying video of the Paradise tragedy… A big picture overview of the devastation and a better understanding of how this fire destroyed this town.

Clearly the saddest plane ride I’ve ever been on!

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  1. I am sorry….I could not go past the beginning when the man lies about the TREES not being burned AT ALL, in the most devastating FOREST FIRE ever to date….
    You people need to wake up…
    The evidence is OVERWHELMING….
    But considering we are 17 years beyond the 9/11 inside attack on America….And 90% of the masses are still fast asleep to those FACTS…I doubt the sheeple will be able to overcome their indoctrination on these attacks either….Dumbed down…Distracted….And fast asleep….Just like the bankster rulers like…Get back in line for your new tracking indoctrinational slavetronic device, and move along….It is unbelievable how few people are awake to the hour we are in…

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