‘Go Now’: MANDATORY EVACUATIONS ordered in California as three fast-moving storms start hitting in burn areas scorched by last year’s Holy Fire


Residents in parts of Southern California have been ordered to evacuate as the first of a parade of storm systems has started soaking areas scorched by last year’s Holy Fire.

california storm warning, MANDATORY EVACUATIONS in California as powerful storms engulf Holy Fire burnt area
MANDATORY EVACUATIONS in California as powerful storms engulf Holy Fire burnt area. via Twitter

Officials in Riverside County issued a “MUST GO” order effective 7 a.m. local time for neighborhoods in the burn areas of August’s Holy Fire, stating the risk of debris flows at a moment’s notice.

A mudslide closed a lane on the westbound side of the Pacific Coast Highway west of Malibu. The highway will be closed until the mudslide can be cleared; Caltrans asked all drivers to avoid the area, if possible.

storm in california, california storm january 2019, triple storm to hit california mandatory warning
Storm in California: Westbound right lane of PCH (SR-1) is CLOSED due to mudslide. via Twitter

There is the potential of mudslides and debris flows at recent burn scars, particularly near the Holy Fire burn scar,” the National Weather Service wrote in its warning. “Debris flows can happen suddenly with little time to act. Heed the advice of local officials.

The second, fast-moving storm in the series to hit California is expected to move into the area Tuesday into early Wednesday with a potential for rain and snow in the higher elevations.

The third system, expected to be the strongest and wettest of the three, will hit the area Wednesday and Thursday.

Debris flows and mudslides are likely in areas where heavy rain hits, considerably burn areas.

Get prepared for this triple storm attack!

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  1. Look! The epicenters of the quakes right on Mt. Rainier’ crater is getting shallower and shallower. The magma under Mt. Rainier is getting shallower and shallower. The magma is coming up toward the brim of crater. And soon, Mt. Rainier will erupt and ash-mud flow will bury the whole populated Puget Sound area including Tacoma and Seattle.

  2. There are so many tornadoes in Indonesia. Tornadoes usually happen when hot air and cold air crash each other. But in Indonesia, there is no existence of cold air. These series of tornadoes are kind of cosmic weapon? I bet Indonesia has lots of KARMA inviting all sorts of disasters and tragedies.


    Look at the fire-ish color just under the cloud causing tornado starting at 1:40 on the video. It is really strange. It should be the End Time sign.

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