Early-morning PINK fog stuns skywatchers across UK


Fog glowed bright pink and mesmerised onlookers across the UK on Friday morning. The unusual phenomenon saw the sky illuminated in an unusually bright shade over parts of the south west of England.

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tHE MYSTERIOUS PINK FOG captured by Jody Bundrick in Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset, UK. Picture by Jody Bundrick via Standard

People described the sight as “amazing,” although some said they found the sky’s shade “creepy“. 

Jody Bundrick, who saw the pink fog in Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset, said: “It was pretty amazing.” She said she had witnessed fog appear orange before “BUT NEVER PINK“.

Emma Smith, a Met Office meteorologist, explained the colour was caused by light bouncing off different areas of fog and cloud which can distort it and create different shades. 

It’s basically as the sun’s coming up and depending on what cloud there is you quite often get colours coming out,” she said. 

The fog caused disruption for a number of airports in London on Friday morning as it loomed heavily over the capital.

The UK’s busiest airport, Heathrow, had 41 departures delayed by at least 15 minutes between 6am and 9am while a total of 35 departures at Gatwick were delayed over the same period. 

Other European airports affected by the fog included Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Venice.

Black snow, dragon, unknown explosions of light, dancing clouds… and now pink fog. What’s coming next?

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  1. Is this plasma coming from our weakened magnetosphere straight from our sun…?
    Not really sure….The thing is, we will never ever be shown the truth about what is happening above us….
    But that doesn’t really matter…What does matter is that we recognize these events for what they are….
    As Jesus Christ said, there shall be signs in the heavens…And earthquakes….Pestilence….Famine…We see every single sign that HE gave us to watch for above us, and around us, every single day….When you take these and add together the Book of Daniel passages of warnings and unfulfilled prophecies…Knowledge shall be increased….They shall be running to and fro…Add them with Jude, and John in Revelation….We see a culmination of every single warning of HIS return….
    And when you see all these things….LOOK UP….
    For our redemption draws near….

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