Mars may not be quite geologically dead! Liquid water present beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars requires underground heat source


New research suggests liquid water is present beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars. Now, a new study argues there needs to be an underground source of heat for liquid water to exist underneath the polar ice cap.

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This is the Martian South Pole. A new study in Geophysical Research Letters argues there needs to be an underground source of heat for liquid water to exist underneath the polar ice cap. Picture by NASA

A previous study using radar returns from a martian satellite found evidence for a large body of briny water beneath the south pole of Mars!

A new paper has gone a step further postulating that there must be something providing heat or the water would freeze. Based on the available evidence they suggest a geologically recent intrusion of magma is increasing the geothermal gradient enough for this briny liquid to exist!

Is a volcanic eruption then still possible, if unlikely, on the red planet?

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[AGU, Science]


  1. Radar returns,new study,liquid water,realy ?
    Do we realy believe this bullshit ? Come on, did any of us learn(at school) anything about the van allen radiation belt that surrounds our planet ?
    Some say for example “oh but we have sent probes to the edge of the solar system and we know these things”.
    This radiation comes from the sun, it’s gamma and deadly, it will fry everything.
    Armstrong and company went to the moon say all of the turkeys, well l guess they must have been using some pretty good sunscreen because those capsules they supposedly flew inside were only about an eighth of an inch thick.
    They were titanium alloy and not of half metre thick concrete construction.
    OOhhh…. so much bullshit out there to be sifted and filtered.

  2. EVERYTHING about MARS,comes from the US GOVERNMENT,and their favorite whores NASA,never a straight answer…THEY spend all the money the dumb shits give them on whores and whiskey,and always have…MARS was an inhabited planet TILL THE US AIRFORCE gave them SMALL POX,it killed them all but a few,then the air force just moved in and took over everything,its the american way…

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