Apocalytic sandstorm changes day into night in Mildura, Australia (videos and pictures)


On May 7, 2019, a severe sandstorm engulfed the city of Mildura situated in the state of Victoria in northwestern Australia. The very high wall of sand and dust was accompanied by wind gusts up to 87 km/h, and turned the day into night during approximately 20 minutes.

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Apocalyptic dust storm changes day into night in Mildura, Australia on May 7, 2019. Picture via Twitter

The dust storm moved through Mildura at about 5:00pm. BOM senior forecaster Dean Stewart said the strong gust front which picked up the dust extended as far south as Ouyen and Walpeup, and had wind gusts of 87kph.

Now this wall of sand and dust is insane:

Yes a great wall of dust:

It was fuelled by strong winds in a gust front, in a weather phenomenon normally seen in summer. Yes now we are starting winter over there!

According to locals, this is the strongest dust storm in the last 40 years. Lisa Guarnaccia described the conditions as cyclonic and apocalyptic: “I was pretty much dodging tumbleweeds, and the branches and the palm trees were blowing, and it was cyclonic actually and very scary indeed. Apocalyptic!

There were no reports of any serious incidents in the city due to weather conditions.

On Twitter, Michael Moodie said five minutes after first seeing the red cloud, the sky was as black as night.

Several other people published pictures of streets completely blacked out:

Dust storms are a cyclical phenomenon which occur when hot, dry wind, usually above 30km/h, picks up dust and carries it from west to east as a cold front moves through. Normally in summer time!

But this one comes as multiple states brace for snowfall, with dual cold fronts expected to cross the country. The cold fronts will cross south-eastern Australia between today and Saturday, each bringing a burst of showers, storms, chilly wind and snow, Weatherzone meteorologists have said.

Weather chaos all around the world!

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