Extreme weather events around the world: Strong hail storms hit Minnesota and Bulgaria, giant landlsides in Thailand, huge sinkhole swallows two cars in Texas and more


The weather is being weaponined around the world with people and food being targeted. Here a round up of events that occurred within the last 2-3 days just around your corner. Be ready, it might hit you next!

Severe summer storms leave damage across Minnesota

Many Minnesotans will be cleaning up Thursday from a storm system that brought sizable hail, heavy winds and possible tornado touchdowns.

Severe hailstorm hits central and northern Bulgaria

A severe hailstorm combined with torrential rain on Wednesday evening flooded streets and homes in central and northern Bulgaria, damaging agricultural crops and snapping trees. Among the most affected were the regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Shumen, Lovech, Yambol and Sliven.

The hailstorm caused material damage to buildings and cars in Veliko Tarnovo and surrounding settlements. Mayor Daniel Panov reported numerous reports of fallen trees, cars hit by trees and damage to the roof of a school, which caused Thursday to be declared a non-school day at the affected school.

In Lovech, 25 litres per square metre of rain fell in just 20 minutes, with a wind speed of 15 meters per second, said Martin Machev, Director of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology. A partial state of emergency was declared in the Lovech village of Radyuvene, as large hailstones damaged house roofs and left parts of the village without electricity. In Gabrovo and Shumen, hail as big as hazelnuts fell for nearly 20 minutes, as the storm flooded streets and made them impassable.

Sinkhole swallows 2 cars in El Paso, Texas

A sinkhole displaced close to 20 residents early Wednesday morning, June 12 in Central El Paso, according to the El Paso Fire Department. The Fire Department says they responded to a water main break at the 3700 block of Tularosa Avenue at around 11 p.m. Tuesday, June 12. At around midnight, residents were being evacuated from the area. No injuries have been reported.

Torrential rain floods Majorca, Spain

Majorca’s airport had to be closed on Tuesday after torrential rain flooded the runways. A heavy storm brought the airport on the largest of the Balearic Islands to a standstill as flights were grounded and water poured through the roof of the terminal. Videos posted to social media showed one airport worker, dressed in shorts and a high-visibility yellow jacket, gleefully plunging backwards into the water on a flooded runway.

Huge landslide drags vehicles and carport into Thai river

Home security cameras captured the dramatic moment a sudden landslide in Chai Nat, Thailand, dragged several vehicles and a carport into the Chao Phraya River on June 10. The shocking footage captured the riverbank giving way and collapsing, swallowing the structure and the stored vehicles into the water.

What the kind of heat wave is this in Europe? The temperatures are more typical of April according to the State Meteorological Agency of Spain… Yep! It is cold and wet across Europe… Amazing global warming isn’t it?

Hey friends, it’s time to wake up!

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