Highest in a decade! Record heat index of 144.1F (62.3C) scorches Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro


The reading is the city’s highest in a decade. Heat index measures what a temperature feels like, taking into account humidity.

Rio record heat temperature Brazil
Rio record heat temperature in Brazil

A heatwave stifling Brazil has set new records with Rio de Janeiro’s heat index hitting 62.3 degrees Celsius (144.1 degrees Fahrenheit), the highest in a decade, weather authorities say.

The heat index measures what a temperature feels like by taking into account humidity. The actual maximum temperature in the city was 42C on Monday, the Rio Alert weather system said.

The 62.3C record was notched in western Rio at 09:55am (12:55 GMT) on Sunday, and was the “highest mark” since Alerta Rio began keeping such records in 2014.

The Ipanema and Copacabana beaches were packed with people as authorities published tips on coping with the heat.


“I am very afraid it will get worse because the population is increasing a lot and deforestation is very high due to the increase in housing,” 49-year-old administrative assistant Raquel Correia lamented in a park in central Rio.

The previous heat index record was set in November when it hit 59.7C (139.5F).

Meanwhile, extreme rains were wreaking havoc in the south of the country and are forecast to continue next week, according to authorities.

“The week will be of very high risk in the centre-south of Brazil due to intense rains and storms. The most worrisome system is a very intense cold front that will arrive with torrential rains and possible gales,” the weather information agency MetSul warned. [AlJazeera]

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  1. In the USA it’s known as the humiture index
    Combination of heat and humidity.
    Sure they aren’t suffering from a Bermuda high.Miserable is an understatement for it.90 plus Temps and 80 +humidity and it doesn’t rain.It just swelters.You can cut the air with a knife.

  2. Cheshirecat
    Yeah I see a pattern called propaganda.They don’t provide science to back it.They repeat it over and over(maybe to convince themselves it’s true ,projection you know)to the masses.
    While they only have data going back to the seventies other country’s have it going back centuries thousands of years.These are normal cycles.Miserable for humans most definitely.Wonder if anyone got the memo that it’s one reason the human race were nomads.

  3. The climate “experts” are liars. Global warming isn’t even close to how bad they say it is…it’s exponentially WORSE! Every lie told by the media is controlled by the elite, who own the media, and they are keeping this ball rolling until the last possible second. The fact is that this world was NEVER sustainable by burning fossil fuels for energy, it was only started that way over 125 years ago out of GREED. Nikola Tesla had designed a system of FREE energy, out of thin air, just like we can tune a radio into a frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, there’s a way to tap the natural energy of space. The electricity would come from empty space and the EARTH. He had started his system of free energy for the masses but it was quickly stopped when those financing him pulled the plug. JP Morgan was one of those financing this project and he asked Tesla one simple question: “how can it be metered”, that is, how can we keep track and charge people for how much they use. The answer was that it can’t be metered. End. Greed took over and created the wealthiest, most powerful men in history. Think about how free energy would have changed this world.

  4. I watched a guy on TV talking about the way the climate freaks check the temp. It’s pretty much their standard procedure to take their Temp. readings right off of the runways at the airports during the hottest part of the day, right down next to the pavement, trying to scare the people who are not following the real data! It’s just another angle for more control.
    Here’s some more stuff the left has been saying for the last 50 years or so. Enjoy, and the next time they say the sky is falling, tell them to shove it up their nose!
    Bogus Predictions from the Elite
    1966: Oil will be gone in 10 years.
    1967: Famine by 1975.
    1969 We will all disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989 (Paul Ehrlich).
    1969: World-wide plague, ecological catastrophe by end of 20th century.
    1970: Oceans dead in a decade, food rationing by 1980.
    1970: Natural resource depletion
    1971: An ice age will hit us by 2000.
    1972: Oil depletion by 1992.
    1972: Urban citizens will require gas masks by 1985.
    1974: We will have ozone depletion.
    1975: A cooling world and drastic decline in food production.
    1976: ‘Scientific consensus’ that famine is imminent.
    1977: Oil will peak by 1990s (Department of Energy)
    1980: Oh my God, acid rain!
    1988: Rising sea levels will obliterate nations by 2000.
    1988: Maldive Islands will be underwater by 2018 (they are still there).
    1989: Nations wiped off the planet by 2000 from global warming (UN).
    1996: Oil will be gone in 2020.
    2002: Famine if we don’t give up meat, fish, and dairy.
    2004: Britain will be Siberia by 2024.
    2005: Manhattan will be underwater by 2015.
    2008: The Arctic will be ice free by 2018.
    2009: Prince Charles says we have 96 months to save the planet.
    2009: The UK Prime Minister disagrees, says we have 50 days.
    2009: Al Gore moves his prediction of an ice-free Arctic from 2013 to 2019.
    2014: We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos (John Kerry, Jay Carney, French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius).
    Other ‘experts’:
    2019 We have eight or nine years to address climate change (Bernie Sanders) 2021-present:

    Do you see a pattern emerging?

  5. Wow! A decade isn’t very long to be keeping ‘records.’ And why the record on ‘feels like’ temp? Can’t get record REAL HEAT? Or, is it simply that the actual temp is a nothing burger and we have to keep the kiddies shrieking in terror. The first question you have to ask when they say something is a ‘record’ is: “Since when?” Records have been kept for a long time now, but they will only go back to, say, 1970 for their ‘all time high.’

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