Some strange weather patterns! A foot of June snow in parts of Montana and Idaho Rockies while East swelters

Showdown, Montana June, 2024 Snowfall
Showdown, Montana June, 2024 Snowfall

As residents of the Northeast and Midwest prepare for an extreme heat wave, those who live in parts of the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest are experiencing snow and unusually cold weather in the lead-up to Thursday, the first day of summer.

Glacier Park in Montana had a snowy scene at sunset on June 18.

Glacier Park Montana, June snow
Glacier Park Montana, June snow

At Montana State on June 17, a summer football camp practiced in the snow in Bozeman, Montana.

Nearly one million residents of the West were under a winter weather advisory or a frost advisory Monday morning. Snow was on the ground at ski resorts and covered mountain passes in Idaho and Montana.

June snow Montana and Idaho
June snow Montana and Idaho

Up to 15 inches of snow is also “possible for the higher terrain in the Sapphire and Bitterroot ranges including Skalkaho Pass and Lost Trail Pass,” the forecasters said.

Great Falls, Montana, should have an afternoon high temperature of 73 degrees this time of year, but the AccuWeather forecast for Monday is a high temperature of only 45 degrees.

Several inches of snow fell Sunday into Monday morning in six states and provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

While snow does fall at high elevations in early June, late-June snowfalls are less common. Last year, the last significant snowfall in the Rockies took place on June 24-25.

Bridger Bowl, Montana, June snow
Bridger Bowl, Montana, June snow
Big Sky, Montana, June snow
Big Sky, Montana, June snow

Official reports indicated 14 inches of snow at Clover Meadows, Montana as of the morning of June 18.

24-hour snowfall prior to 6 a.m. MDT June 18, 2024.
24-hour snowfall prior to 6 a.m. MDT June 18, 2024.

AccuWeather forecasters say temperatures will moderate this week. By this weekend, temperatures in some towns in the Rockies will be 40 degrees higher than Monday.

Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the US… Fearmongering:

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  1. Aren’t yall ignoring certain facts like increased volcanic and earthquake activity? That we are still coming out of the mini ice age?

  2. Agree to an extent. Lord is giving us climate, satan is weaponizing it. If it’s flooding somewhere, somewhere else it is dry, same goes for temperature. Chemtrails, haarp, dews… I’m 60yrs old now and it is just so sad to witness the slow degradation of our environment.

  3. Climate change, my butt. This is all man-made, with HAARP and other man-made technologies. This is all controlled power by the same people who are causing it.

    I seem to recall Jesus saying something about signs on the earth, too. Hmmm!

  4. You give men to much credit for what the LORD GOD is doing of whom you deny the power there of. These are the birth pains the LORD JESUS said would happen before his return. Repent while there’s still time!

  5. So? All this will mean is commutards will blame whites/Christians/men driving Ford Explorers in the 80’s and 90’s….
    You WILL have to use deadly force to stop it….war has NO “laws”…choose wisely.

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