The wildfires in Alberta, Canada are so huge that their smoke has reached Europe


There are currently 21 wildfires burning in Alberta. Seven of them are burning “out of control.”

Smoke billowing from the destructive fires – Chuckegg Creek Wildfire (692,000 acres) and Jackpot Creek Wildfire (61,000 acres) – has spread far beyond Alberta, reaching the US East Coast and Europe within a few days.

After dangerously engulfing Edmonton and Calgary during the weekend, smoke of these monster wildfires reached the eastern US on June 3, 2019:

And was as far as the UK and a good part of Europe on June 4, 2019:

The journey across the Atlantic Ocean has already started on June 2, 2019 as shown by these satellite images:

But how exactly does smoke travel this far?

Small particles of smoke that come from the fires can stay in the air and move through the Earth’s atmosphere — all the way around the globe. The smoke sits more than a mile above the Earth’s surface, but can move down through strong winds called jet streams and have an impact on air quality.

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The smoke of the Alberta wildfires has reached Europe on June 4, 2019. Image: Suomi NPP OMPS aerosol index

That’s an amazing speed… And new way to rapidly propagate a range of health issues, including respiratory problems, and aggravate lung and heart issues.

[Wildfire Alberta]


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    I sure hate to see that happen to the good old USA, but America has tolerated homosexuality so I don’t see much hope for it.

  3. I am not Canadian, but isn’t Alberta Canada’s bread basket? Does anyone know if these fires have destroyed the crops and livestock? I’m just thinking here, that with the floods in America’s bread basket and fires in Canada’s, “they” are deliberately trying to destroy our foodstuffs. Also, with Trump’s tariffs, the food we are able to get at the store will be much higher in price. I am not anti Trump. I just think that you can’t undo all the crap the government has done to us since the 1980s all at once. All the farm subsidies and outsourcing our jobs and factory shutdowns have killed us. We have passed the Rubicon.

    • Alberta is known more for oil. It is Saskatchewan that produces all the wheat etc. There is cattle and beef production in Alberta but keep in mind this is a forest fire. It is the timber industry that is going up in smoke.

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