The intense heat wave blasting Europe with record-breaking temperatures manifested on a recent weather forecast as a screaming heat skull of death looming over France.

A forecast map for Thursday, first created June 20, showed France’s scorching temperatures creating a giant, screaming face over the country as the country braced itself for the hottest temperatures since a 2003 heat wave killed 15,000 people in the country.

The heat wave in Europe is so intense that a weather map of France looks like a screaming heat skull of death
The heat wave in Europe is so intense that a weather map of France looks like a screaming heat skull of death

Much of Europe is being blasted by an intense heat wave that is causing fear and frustration for locals and officials.

And weather maps seem to feel the same way — a temperature forecast for Thursday looked like giant, screaming skull looming over France.

The heat wave in Europe is so intense that a weather map of France looks like a screaming heat skull of death
The skull map compared to Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream.” Terrifying! Picture via Twitter

The forecast map, made by the website Meteociel on June 20, came as Europe prepared for record-breaking temperatures that officials worry could cause significant numbers of deaths.

A French meteorologist named Ruben Hallali first spotted the map, and he shared it on Twitter alongside Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream.”

Authorities across Europe are taking precautions such as installing new fountains and pools, canceling school, and restricting driving to help citizens cope with temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 Fahrenheit.

Sometimes deadly hurricanes look like skulls or beasts… Now it’s a deadly heat wave in Europe. Terrifying!


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  1. Hi!

    It is an interesting map and I do not want to minimize the problems which they are having, but the maximum temperature forecast is 29 degree Celsius is 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit.


  2. It is unfortunate that so many believe this is support for global warming or that man has something to do with it. Really, reading commentaries today is like reading superstition. Yes, it is hot. The mini ice age was cold. Yes, the weather changes….often dramatically. It is natural. Many of the leftists hate people and think there are too many. They should be pleased. This is both natural and will eliminate population. But no! Now they want to change the natural and save people. Oh right…. We are only killing babies and rich people this week. So hard to keep up. The Earth has weather. Live with it.

  3. Uhhh. The geoengineering dudes are really funny drawing screaming skulls with atmospheric heating tech…


  4. Oh, those poor Europeans. Smatter, don’t have air-conditioning? Arizona and New Mexico regularly hit above that. 104 degrees is normal summer weather here in the south west United States.

    • Rumplestiltskin — Some of those temperatures are 168 degrees, 159 degrees and MANY in the 150s and yes it is degrees. NO, Arizona nor anywhere else in this country come NEAR those temperatures! The temps are ON the map..make it bigger and LOOK at them! WHEN has ANYWHERE in the USA EVER been even CLOSE to 160 degrees??


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