Meanwhile Etna volcano erupts


Volcanoes in Italy are currently very active.

Just before Stromboli today, a powerful explosion rattled Etna volcano on July 2, 2019.

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Etna volcanic eruption on July 2, 2019. Picture by Gio Giusa

While today’s major Stromboli volcanic eruption has killed at least 1 tourist climber, the Etna volcano explosion of yesterday sent a thick plume of ash and gas high in the air.

The eruption took place at the Northeast Crater at 10:06 UTC.

The ash plume emitted quickly before dispersing in the area of the summit.

Here another view of this ongoing eruption:

The explosion generated a transient signal in the infrasound signal and was accompanied by a low frequency seismic signal registered by stations around the crater.

The current Etna activity is characterized by strombolian activity with explosions and incandescent lapilli sprays falling near the crater in the area at the top of the volcano.
The current volcanic unrest at Mount Etna is safe for people, residential areas and does not affect the operation of Catania Airport.

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