Scary archeology: Pits full of nothing but large to very large severed hands found in Egypt


While excavating a 3,600-year-old palace in the once-great city of Avaris, Egypt, a team of archaeologists unearthed four pits. What’s in the pits? It’s hands.

There are no bodies – just a bunch of dismembered hands. Most of the hands are quite large and some of them are very large, further signifying that they were all taken from adult males, and possibly that ancient Egypt was full of giants.

Thousands of severed large hands found in palace in Egypt
Thousands of severed large hands found in palace in Egypt. via ArcheologyNews

These 4 ancient hand recycling bins were found in the palace of King Khayan of the Hyksos, a West Asian people who once ruled over part of Northern Egypt – 2 in an outer portion of the palace and 2 just outside the throne room, indicating some ceremonial importance.

So, like, what the hell?

Actually, these large to very large hands are the very first physical evidence archaeologists have found of a practice that’s widely represented in ancient Egyptian art.

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Thousands of severed large hands found in palace in Egypt
Hands of giants found buried in pits in ancient Egyptian palace. via ArcheologyNews

Soldiers would lop off the right hands of their enemies and present them to their leaders, who would ceremoniously toss the hands into a pit and then unceremoniously toss each soldier a wealth of gold in exchange.

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Thousands of severed large hands found in palace in Egypt
The mystery of severe large hands in ancient Egypt. via ArcheologyNews

By taking the right hand, you were symbolically stealing the source of your enemy’s power and literally stealing 50 percent of his ability to flip you off.

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Thousands of severed large hands found in palace in Egypt
This image was created about 400 years after the Avaris hands were deposited. It shows the chopped-off hands of enemy soldiers being prepared for Ramses III, a pharaoh of Egypt, after a successful campaign. via ArcheologyNews

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So were those soldiers large to very large men, some sorts of GIANTS? That’s interesting and appropriately brutal and all. has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Never ceases to amaze me that in these pictures they do not put down a normal hand or something to give perspective of size.

    • Yes, I wondered that too, but I can’t discount the story. I feel it only proper to accept it at face value. Because apart from this story, there are many others in ancient literature and the bible that speaks of human giants. Not to mention some rare fossils of huge people found all over the world, and some very large or giant paleolithic hand axes and tools.

  2. hands are hands , arms are arms peaches and apples
    a better question for kenny
    where oh where is the Torah that was included in the scrolls removed from the home of the guy that nephi killed prior to making the crossing …
    it must be somewhere in north america
    i bet there is many things in it( un changed by time and the khazarian s ) that would be of great interest to the living mortals

  3. Yes Nephilim Giants existed & the Bible is a True story.The bad news is these Giants return at the End of Days.Tomorrow probably.

    • Matthew 24:37 “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

  4. WOW sounds very similar to a story recorded in the Book of Mormon in the book of Alma 17 vs39. A guy named Ammon chopped of a bunch of the bad guys arms, and some servants gathered the bag of arms and took them back to show King Lamoni. Big question, if Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, how did Joseph Smith know of this ancient Egyptian practice? He didnt. The book is true and is a ancient record of people that migrated from the middle east to the Americas by boat. Read Alma 17 whole chapter for the scoop.

      • Blah. The point is that it proves the BOM is historically correct. The Book does not disagree with the Bible in the least in doctrine. I’m fact, it clarifies muddled Biblical doctrine. Satan never teaches about Christ; he teaches to worship nephs instead.

    • Oh my word how could any intelligent person believe in the book of Mormon how Adderly ridiculous totally contradicts the king James Bible that they carry around but then they tell you that those parts weren’t translated correctly

      • Religious faith requires all the intelligence a disciplined person possesses and can offer. For this reason I invite you to repent and invite Jesus Christ into your life more fully by exercising true intelligence and not being swayed by the media and by the secular world. God blesses all his children when they overcome their natural man and exercise greater intelligence, repent and draw nearer unto him.

    • Many native Americans took scalps, while the children of Israel took the foreskins of their enemies. I can’t remember who it was who took ears. Hands aren’t arms. You’ve proved nothing.

      I can tell you what I do remember, though. I remember when the Salamander Letter was revealed. It made the whole premise of your Masonic Luciferian Cult even more ridiculous than South Park made it. Get to know Jesus Himself. Salvation comes from Him alone, through faith, and by His Grace; not of works, lest any man should boast. You know, like Mormons do when they talk to people about their cult, boasting about how much better off they’re going to be than us poor schmucks who approach God with fear, trembling, and simple faith that our repentance and turning to Jesus in childlike love will be. And why? Because you wear special undies and practice temple rituals that are secret, but have been shown to mimic freemasonry. I have great empathy for you, but you need to keep seeking, and knocking, and praying for wisdom and discernment, for you have been deceived.

      • Unfortunately, my friend, you are greatly mistaken, sorry but Christ never rebuked any religion nor did he talk horribly about other’s beleifs… So you have some repenting to do before you judge other’s beliefs… And yes Jesus Christ did cleanse the temple in the Bible and all throughout the Old Testament temple worship was practiced and anyone who wore or who wears temple garments practices or then and now practiced a holy walk before Christ and are considered clean before Christ… I invite you to repent and begin to more fully take upon you Christ’s name by loving your neighbor.

    • He could easily find out from Egyptian art work without knowing how to actually read anything. This practice of cutting off hands is displayed in various Egyptian depictions.

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