Severe Storms Trigger Deadly Flash Flooding, Avalanches and Traffic Chaos in the Swiss Alps (Video)


Authorities in Switzerland are searching for a man and a girl missing since Sunday.

Their car was swept away by flash flooding caused by heavy rain in the Swiss Alps.

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Major flash flooding kills two in Chamoson, Valais. Picture via Twitter

Police in the southern canton (state) of Valais said Monday they have little hope of finding the 37-year-old man and the 6-year-old girl alive. More than 70 rescuers including a helicopter crew searched for them through the night.

Videos posted online showed a wave of water, mud and debris crashing down the Losentze River near the village of Chamoson.

Authorities say a second car that was also swept away has been found, but nobody was inside that vehicle.

Lightning Strike Kills 15 Cows and Numerous Landslides

The powerful storm also impacted other regions in the canton of Valais. However, no severe injuries have been reported yet. However, lightning strike killed 15 cows.

Moreover, various roads have been closed by landslides in the Lower and the Upper Valais between:

  • Chalais and Vercorin – Lower Valais
  • Vex and Euseigne – Lower Valais
  • Sanetsch and Sitten – Lower Valais
  • Fully and Chiboz – Lower Valais
  • Feschel and Erschmatt – Upper Valais
  • Ulrichen and the summit of Nufenen – Upper Valais

Fallen trees, flooded basements and damaged roofs were also reported in the mid-Valais.

Pass Roads Blocked in the Grisons

Heavy storms also raged in the canton of Grisons, blocking several pass roads due to landslides. While traffic on the Splügenpass was reopened Monday morning, the Maloja Pass and the Lukmanier Pass remained closed until further notice.

A few weeks ago, major flash floods engulfed Zermatt in the Swiss Alps.

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