The Genocide Pit in Sacred Ridge, Colorado


“Mutilated and processed” is not a phrase that you ever hope to read in any context whatsoever.

But it fits good to Sacred Ridge in Colorado, an ancient Native American settlement consisting of 22 pit houses.

scary archeology, scary archeology genocide sacred ridge, Genocide at Sacred Ridge
Genocide at Sacred Ridge: Excavations at an ancient Pueblo site uncovered crushed skulls (one shown) and other bones from at least 35 victims. via Science News

One day, as archeologists were cataloging the usual pots and tools and petrified turds and such, they stumbled straight into a problem: scientists didn’t have enough room on their checklist for the huge amount of two-headed axes spattered in human blood that they were finding.

And the pit homes were absolutely filthy with “mutilated and processed” human bodies.

So what happened here?

Attackers with a deadly plan climbed a knoll to a Pueblo village called Sacred Ridge around 1,200 years ago. What happened next was anything but sacred.

scary archeology, scary archeology genocide sacred ridge, Genocide at Sacred Ridge
The site of Sacred Ridge. via Science News

The bloody conquerers indeed diced approximately 35 people into nearly 15,000 horror nuggets and scattered them all over Sacred Ridge. In other words, each person had been divided 430 times with an ax.

scary archeology, scary archeology genocide sacred ridge, Genocide at Sacred Ridge
This pit home was absolutely filthy with “mutilated and processed” human bodies. via Science News

There’s also evidence that, before being butchered, burned, and pulverized, the victims were hobbled and generally beaten about the feet and ankles, most probably because that hurts!

And even with the astounding number of human bits scattered all around, some were conspicuously missing, because the killers took heads, hands and feet as souvenirs.

scary archeology, scary archeology genocide sacred ridge, Genocide at Sacred Ridge
Evidence of hobbling and torture discovered at ancient massacre site in Sacred Ridge, Colorado. via WesternDigs

By analyzing the teeth and whatever other parts of the victims could be pieced back together, researchers discovered that they were of a different ethnic group than the other residents at Sacred Ridge, meaning that what we have here is a case of good old-fashioned genocide.

It seems that such Middle Ages’ actions are always trendy, especially in Mexico, right now.

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  1. Wait. The liberals tell me Indians were peaceful and NEVER did violence at all until those ‘evil white people’ got to America.

  2. Highly unlikely that any group of humans would have chopped up 35 of their enemy into 430 pieces EACH, and with an axe no less. This event surely must go in the ‘high strangeness’ category.

  3. The native Indians have “myths” (reality) about the original white tribes of giants that inhabited the land when they came down from crossing the Siberian straits. These were giants and the native Indians usually have stories (practically every tribe, especially in the southwest) of the giants practicing cannibalism. The giants (descendants of the Nephilim) were all eventually wiped out.

    • Interesting, but this is torture and genocide. Did the giants torture their meals? Cannibalism, as gross as it is, is not the same a brutal torture.

  4. Let me guess: The Ante-Deluvian “Loving Liberals” went up in force to show the miners, farmers, loggers and fisherfolk just how tolerant “Liberals” can be of productive people.

    • Grow up. Maybe then you will say something that makes some resemblance of sense. SMH. Do you really frame everything in the universe in your twisted view of left vs right? Why stop at ancient times? Let go back to the birth of the universe.

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