Best Pictures and Videos of the Alien Rocket Launch From Florida


Look at the below pictures and videos of this alien rocket launch in Florida.

The Atlas V rocket carried a military satellite of the United States Air Force.

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Out-of-this-world image of the launch of the Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, on August 8, 2019. Photo by Tim Shortt / Florida Today / AP

On the morning of August 8, NASA successfully launched the Atlas V rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.

The launch lit up the sky in Florida, USA, providing an unusual and alien show that puzzled many residents of that state.

Images of that scene were shared on social networks, and some Internet users even assumed that it was an unidentified flying object.

The Atlas V rocket carried a military communications satellite for the United States Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center.

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