The Mega Cascadia Earthquake Is Overdue and Could Strike the US West Coast At Any Moment, Creating Huge 30 Meter-High Tsunami Waves Within Seconds – Please Prepare For This Apocalyptic Event


What people are already calling the “big one” is a M9.0 impending earthquake that is set to destroy most of the northwest region of the United States with huge 30 metre-high tsunami waves.

Northwest FEMA Director Kenneth Murphy said that this natural disaster along the Cascadia Subduction Zone – a major fault line that runs from Northern California to British Columbia – is set to kill around 13,000 people and injure another 2,500. This has prompted the Cascadia Preparedness Team to draw up urgent plans to prepare for the apocalyptic scenario.

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The Cascadia earthquake is overdue. It’s now time to prepare for the Big One. Picture via Getty Images

Yumei Wang, from the Oregon Geology and Mineral Industries, said that the major earthquake is more than 50 years overdue.

Now, the state is promoting a two-week readiness campaign for people to ready themselves to be self-sufficient for the 2 weeks. Steve Robinson, the President of Cascadia Prepared, said: “People don’t really understand that there will be thousands of bridge failures and there won’t be any liquid fuel or electricity or any communication going. Running water may stop and it may take several days for responders to start helping with rescues and evacuations.

Research has shown that this faultline has generated a major earthquake (over magnitude 7.5) at least 40 times in the past 10,000 years, meaning they occur every 250 years. The last earthquake, which struck 300 years ago, lowered the Oregon coastline by several feet and caused a massive tsunami. It is thus overdue by more than 50 years now!

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said: “When the next Cascadia subduction zone earthquake strikes the Pacific Northwest, Oregon will face the greatest challenge of our lifetimes.

The “Big One” – the full rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone – would devastate the US for years. 

The megaquake is said to first happen by the entire zone giving way, not just some of it.

The quake is predicted to last only four minutes with a magnitude up to 9.2. When this happens, the northwest edge of our continent will drop as much as six feet and rebound thirty to a hundred feet west.

Not only will this cause landslides but some of this will happen beneath the ocean, which will cause an enormous displacement of water. The water will rise into a massive hill and have one side go toward Japan while the other 70 foot tall liquid wall goes toward our northwest coast, averaged to come in fifteen minutes after the earthquake began.

The on the Northwest Coast of America is 70 years past due for a Major seismic event. This is a real computer generated model of what a resulting tsunami would actually look like after a major earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone:

Earthquakes pose a major challenge with more than 143 million Americans living in areas of significant seismic risk across 39 states.

The FEMA director for the northwest Kenneth Murphy said that everything west of I-5 will be, “toast.” The area will be completely unrecognizable after everything has subsided.

FEMA predicts that around one million people will be displaced after the event and around two and a half million people will be needing supplies of food and water.

They estimate it would take three months before the area gets electricity back, another six months to fix major highways, and even up to a year to restore sewer systems.

Get prepared and be ready for the next rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone! It will become the worst disaster in America’s history.

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  1. Can the author of this article please provide us with any external links to Kenneth Murphy saying this in an official FEMA article or at least a link to a video or website where Kenneth Murphy is actually saying this. I ask for this because Im trying to warn people but they can’t find ANY other links online where Kenneth Murphy is saying this and neither can I.

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  3. Good Friday Earthquake….
    City I was born in Anchorage, Alaska….
    March 27th 1964….
    PROOF for the above trolls that have zero clue as to what they are speaking of….
    Tree’s DESTROYED over a 100 FEET above sea level by the WAIT FOR IT….
    yes that is right TSUNAMI….
    OVER 100 FOOT WAVES…….
    Being that I from Alaska there is yet ANOTHER phenominon that was discredited by the idiot scientist for HUNDREDS of years called “ROGUE WAVES”…..Crab Fisherman from Alaska and MANY OTHER sea captains have reported for HUNDREDS of years of seeing 100 foot PLUS ROGUE WAVES, which scientist claimed was IMPOSSIBLE….That is until it was captured ON CAMERA…..So for the UNINFORMED and all other troll comments ~ thing AGAIN when your being WARNED of what is coming in our NEAR FUTURE….
    When the 9 to 10 point earthquakes strike the West Coast, it is HIGHLY likely you will see FAR GREATER tsunami’s than 700 feet….If you are able to read, try doing your homework and research a bit….You will find that scientist have been warning since the LATE 1700’s that the waves from the EVENT we are seeing the EXACT warning signs of RIGHT NOW will likely be 3200 METERS in height…YES THAT IS RIGHT….2 FREAKING MILE HIGH WAVES….!!! WAY WAY WAY above the above guess of just 700 feet….These warnings are INCLUDED in the FREEMASON built churches of NYC…LOOK for yourself…..There are those with the eyes too see, and then there is everyone else….Just like in the BIBLE, where God has ALWAYS sent out HIS watchman to warn the people, and the people IGNORE the warnings because they all know better….The BIBLE is the most HISTORICALLY accurate book in the ENTIRE world, and all one need do is a little bit of research to see this….But it has been hidden from the masses, and the masses have been lied too….It is coming….The warning signs could not be more clear…..HE is giving one final opportunity to all mankind….But rest assured…Not a matter of if….Only when…..and time is running out…….

  4. People that study and read nothing spout out incongruities…People think the infinitesimally tiny place they live is the EXAMPLE the whole world is simultaneously experiencing…People are largely unintelligent, uninformed, and have 100% bought into the lies they were indoctrinated into while attending a public school funded in whole by an monetary despot elite group of blood line elites that run this world…You see nothing because you are blind to the truth….You hear what makes you feel safe and comfortable, all the while the truth is ever growing and takes but 10 minutes of simple reading and searching to uncover a reality beyond the pale stark dark wool that has been successfully pulled over the masses eyes….A solar micro-nova is headed our way, and less than 1% of the populous will ever see it coming…The Bible is the most accurate book ever written, and people can not see nor understand that the evidence for each and every book within it is widely available and free of charge….As Amos said to the Northern Kingdom right before they too were DESTROYED, all the while people just like in this comments section, spewed out hatred for those exposing what was coming and trying to tell the truth…Amos said this simple sentence…PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD…..

  5. STOP this hysteria. Maybe you should do some research on Tsunamis from resultant earth quakes not that avalanche in western Canada in an Fjord type bay. You’ll only have a “30 meter” wave when you are in close proximity of the epic center, such as if a meteor hit the ocean within a mile or two of the shore.

    Tsunami energy travels at hundreds of miles an hour and hardly make a wave in the open ocean. The most they’ll get at the shore is a wave which will be no more than 30 feet at most, but will come in waves one after the other which will end up with coastal flooding, but not the destruction of the West Coast of America.

  6. 700 ft wave? Uh no.
    The last Cascadia quake that occurred in the 1700’s let loose a wave that was around 60 ft high. 60 feet is horrible enough, no need to fear monger it will be devastating to those of us who live in Coastal Washington.
    This isn’t much different than the fear porn video that Fox News did a few years back claiming that Western Washington would be wiped out – if you remember it showed everything west of the Cascades under water, including the Olympics Mtns and all the foothills in Coastal Washington. Most of Coastal Washington is covered with foothills that go hundreds of feet high, no wave is going to cover them any time soon.

  7. Poland got a rare quake, M4.1 with depth 10km! I believe this is the clean up operation to Reptilian Secret Underground Base in Poland by Galactic Federation of Light. When I talked about earthquake to a guy from Poland. He said “We do not have earthquake. But We do have many mines.” The location of this quake was the exact the same location as before (They got mine related quakes at least a couple of times. Even President visited those mines to see the damage before.). Mines = Entrances and Construction sites of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

    The location of epicenter is always near “Zelazny Most” where it looks like a kind of quarry with some water.'15.6%22N+16%C2%B009'28.8%22E/@51.536618,16.1817261,22905m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d51.571!4d16.158

  8. Today, on USGS heliplot with all the seismograms all over the world, I’ve found some strange vibration? going on around East Texas & Mississippi. The seismograms both in Nacogdoches, Texas and Vicksburg, Mississippi are completely or almost black! Those places are about 300 miles away each other. I myself understand that vibration happened around East Texas, Louisiana and West of Mississippi.

    Seismogram of Nacogdoches, Texas

  9. In the Event, we are going to have a big earthquake one by one? Or we are going to have cataclysm with earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruptions… at once all over the world? Because of the ongoing Polar Shift with starting shifts of the Earth’s axis and rotation, we might have all of them at once. In that case, there is no safe zone anymore.

    When I lived Bellevue near Seattle for 10 years, I experienced the most strong earthquake in my life even I’ve originally come from Japan. Another interesting thing was TV news showed some concern about a big tsunami that might occur in Lake Washington where Bill Gates’ mansion is located. Some landslides might trigger quite big tsunami around Lake Washington.

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