Things Not Allowed on Naturist Beach


This sign is just so funny!

But you better follow these rules on a naturist beach. Lol!

I would say it’s pretty obvious, but if you have to remind people not having sex or masturbating on a public beach, it means some are so mad, they are doing it.

Although some people turn crazy please don’t do these things on a naturist beach

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  1. I like to go to a lake nearby where half of it is for nude people. It got so bad with people meeting up to masturbate/fuck that they have lake guards now. One is always driving by boat to check the nude side and then they have 2 guards patrolling the nude area, so no one is doing anything that’s not appropriate.

  2. Is anyone else wondering why the bottom left red do-not circle is under the image unlike the rest of them?

    Edit: nvm, dumb question. I figured it out. It would be harder to visualize the image if the red circle was on top.


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