Mysterious Fireball That Crashed in Chile is NOT Meteor


Mysterious fireball-like objects spotted blazing through the sky over Chile were not meteors, government scientists say.

Technically, we’re talking about unidentified flying objects. Yes, UFOs.

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Mysterious fireball spotted in the sky over Chile. Picture via Twitter

Residents of Dalcahue, a port city on the southern island of Chiloé, took to social media last week with reports of the unidentified flying objects, some sharing photos of the phenomenon.

The “fireballs” reportedly crash-landed at a number of locations around the town.

Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service soon gathered scientists to investigate the strange bright objects, dispatching teams to some seven sites on Chiloé to take samples.

In a new report issued over the weekend, the scientists concluded they found no remains, vestiges or evidence of a meteorite left behind by the luminous and incandescent objects. 

Whatever the mystery entities were, they did leave some trace behind, however, burning foliage at a number of sites.

Locals interviewed by the geological teams said they heard no noises associated with the impacts, nor did anyone witness the crash-landings themselves.

The scientists said they would continue to analyze soil samples and release a more complete report in the coming weeks. The truth is still out there.

Meanwhile, a weird purple light appeared in the sky over Wisconsin a few days ago, too. Are these sky phenomena linked?

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