Ancient Giants Buried in Alaska


Ivan T. Sanderson, a famous US zoologist, once shared with the public a curious story about a letter he received from Alan Makshir, an engineer who was stationed on the Aleutian island of Shemya during World War II.

While building an airstrip, his crew bulldozed a group of hills and discovered under several sedimentary layers what appeared to be human remains. The Alaskan mound was in fact a graveyard of gigantic human remains, consisting of crania and long leg bones.

alaska giants, alaska giants video, giants in alaska
Giant skulls with elongated shape found in Alaska.

The crania measured from 22 to 24 inches from base to crown (58 cm), and the width was 11 inches (30 cm).

Since an adult skull normally measures about eight inches from back to front, such a large crania would imply an immense size for a normally proportioned human.

There is an excellent book by Steve Quayle, called Genesis 6 Giants – Volume 2, that shows legends, myths, and oral traditions about giants may not be so farfetched as you have been taught.

alaska giants, alaska giants video, giants in alaska
Ancient Giant Cemetery Uncovered in the Atlin Gold District in Alaska. via Greater ancestors

The ancient giants had a double row of teeth and disproportionately flat heads.

Furthermore, every skull was said to have been neatly trepanned – a process of cutting a hole in the upper portion of the skull.

The habit of flattening the skull of an infant and forcing it to grow in an elongated shape was a practice used by ancient Peruvians, the Mayas, and the Flathead Indians of Montana.

alaska giants, alaska giants video, giants in alaska
Newspaper article about the discovery of giants in Alaska

Sanderson tried to gather further proof, eventually receiving a letter from another member of the unit who confirmed the report.

The letters both indicated that the Smithsonian Institution had collected the remains, yet nothing else was heard.

alaska giants, alaska giants video, giants in alaska
There were giants in the earth in those days, and afterwards

Sanderson seemed convinced that the Smithsonian Institution had received the bizarre relics, but wondered why they would not release the data. He asked: “… is it that these people cannot face rewriting all the textbooks?”

According to the Paiutes, the Si-Te-Cah were a race of red-haired cannibalistic giants in Arizona!

If you want to learn much more about Giants, you should watch: True Legends – Episode 3: Holocaust of Giants by Steve Quayle or read Steve Quayle’s book Genesis 6 Giants – Volume 2.

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  1. Giants remains makes perfect evolutionary sense. For starters we are not living in the first epoch of civilisation. We are living in the most recent cycle. Secondly, as health improves the human race becomes taller, fitter and lives longer – and we are seeing this with our own lives and generations before us. So naturally our current human epoch will finish with taller fitter bodies before we are wiped out ready for the next cycle.

    • Of course it does. Didn’t make sense before giant skeletons being found could no longer be hidden but now that word is getting out… Oh thats what evolution was saying all along. Bigger to smaller. Of course. This theory evolves faster than anything. It really knows how to adapt to its environement.

  2. There is always an antithesis to what God tells us through the Bible. The flood, an Ice age, etc. Problem with Giants is……………….the Bible tells us how they came to be and science can’t offer any credible alternative so they just take the bones never to be seen again. Satan is the ruler of this world and anything that gives the Bible credibility he will destroy or cover up.

  3. WHO is and “was” the Smithsonian that they went around “Collecting” all these artifacts? Did someone make them OMNIPOTENT, that we were not aware of?

  4. The picture above the article does not come anywhere near the dimensions mentioned in your article… Does not give much credance to this article….

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  8. These are the children, grandchildren for many generations of the fallen watcher angels who mated with human women. They are the nephilim.

    The Smithsonian hid these skeletons because they reveal the Bible to be true, i.e. the giants/nephilim. Call them illuminati, elites, whatever, they’re real, and they’re more in control now than they ever were. They’re about to bring back the nephilim giants.

    Repent, and turn to Jesus or you will endure the lake of fire for all eternity. Jesus is coming back soon. Be prepared to meet Him.

    • Humans procreating with fallen angels? Where does the idea come from that angels can procreate? It is not found in the word of God, the Bible. If you allegorize away the literal facts about the first 11 chapters of Genesis, then you can twist the Scripture to meet this interpretation.

      The sons of God are not “fallen angels.” The sons of God are those who lived by faith and followed the guidance given to them by the Lord. They are the line of Seth. The daughters of men are those from the line of Cain who were in rebellion against God. These same two lines continue to exist in this world today. They will continue to remain until Christ returns and separates them once and for all.

      Satan’s goal in bringing these two lines together was to pollute humanity so the Messiah could not come. The Old Testament is the history of Satan’s attempts to prevent the promise made in Genesis 3:15 from coming to fruition.

      • I guess you missed the part where Angels can take on human form. Your theory that fallen angels can’t lend their spirit into babies formed with women is flawed. In fact that is exactly what happened also when Mary was impregnated by GOD ALMIGHTY. The only difference was the fallen angels were corrupt so when the babies were born they were a mutants = GIANTS.

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