Deadly Heatwave From Hell Engulfs Australia This Week and Will Last Until December


A red-hot weather map shows how Australia is set to sizzle through a blistering spring.

The Bureau of Meteorology says all of the country’s mainland is ‘highly likely’ to exceed average temperatures from October to December.

australia deadly heatwave from hell
Startling weather map shows how Australia is set to sizzle for the rest of the year – and the heatwave will start this week. Map by BOM via DailyMail

The Bureau of Meteorology issued worrying forecast for October to December. Almost entirety of Australia is ‘highly likely’ to exceed maximum temperatures. Eastern parts of Australia will also see extremely high chance of reduced rainfall. High temperatures will begin this week with 10 degree rises in western NSW, this week.

The only parts of Australia not to see a 75% or higher likelihood of exceeding the average are small pockets of South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

New South Wales could see the high temperatures arrive as early as the end of this week, with temperatures 10 degrees higher than the average for this time of year. 

Forecasters warn that higher temperatures will be accompanied by a higher risk of bush fires.

Heat stress is one of the nation’s deadliest natural hazards – thousands of death every year – and Australia is unprepared for those heat waves becoming more frequent.

Horror Month of Bushfires And Record-Low Rainfall

The BoM forecast comes after the New South Wales and Queensland border saw a horror month of bushfires during September, which is still going on in the region.

NSW Rural Fire Service said on Monday it could take months to put out five fires currently raging in Armadale and Tenterfield in northern NWS.

The BoM’s official forecast is equally severe in terms of rainfall outlook, with virtually the entirety of Australia likely to see less rainfall than average.

In Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales the likelihood is as much as 80%, bringing more bad news for the latter which is already 94% in drought. 

australia deadly heatwave from hell, low precipitation australia forecast
Very low precipitation is also forecast for October to December in Australia.

Southern Annular Mode Weather Phenomenon

Exacerbating the dry conditions is what is called a negative Southern Annular Mode, which this year will bring westerly winds over the centre of Australia and reduce rainfall.

This means eastern Australia is likely to see more dry and warm air off the inland and less warm air off the Tasman Sea.

Australia is burning like hell and it seems the situation will just get worse until end of December 2019. Get prepared for very hot weather if living in Australia. [DailyMail,]

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