Earthquakes swarm under Mt. Rainier


On October 29, 2019, a swarm of more than 10 earthquakes rattled under Mt. Rainier’s NE flank.

This volcano is not particularly explosive. But volcanologists are unequivocal in her assessment: Rainier is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world and probably the most dangerous U.S. volcano… It’s a huge concern.

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More than 10 tremors hit under Mount Rainier NE flank. Another sign of an approaching eruption? Earthquake map by PNSN

The swarm started on October 28 with two earthquakes and continued over on October 29 with 10 quakes. On October 30, another shake was reported by the seismometers (triangle on the map above).

These seismic events under Mt. Rainier’s NE flank appear to be tectonic, not at all volcanic.

But the tremors may be the result of activity on a tectonic aspect of the conduit’s location.

And given their depths (0.6-1.0 miles), times (between 1am and 11 am) and energies (M0.6 to M2.1) they may all have occurred on the same fault plane.

But there are actually no specific known faults that might be associated with this activity in the current literature.

mount rainier news, why is mount rainier jolting, earthquake mount rainier,mount rainier earthquake swarm october 2019, mount rainier earthquake swarm october 28-30 2019
No earthquake faults in the vicinity of the earthquake swarm under Mount Rainier NE flank end of October 2019. Map via Nature

Maybe you can find a map of earthquake fault lines on Mount Rainier?

So what are these earthquakes under Mount Rainier NE flank?

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  1. How do you have tectonic quakes ABOVE sea level? Many of the ones being listed now are negative in depth…. -2.3, -2.5, -2.7. That is over halfway up the mountain.

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  4. no no no, Yellowstone is the most dangerous. Rainier isn’t even a super volcano. Is this story just click bate? Change the title.

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