After 100,000 Earthquakes, Southern California Is Waiting in Fear For the Big One


After a bit less than 6 months and more than 100,000 aftershocks after the Ridgecrest event…

Southern California geologists are waiting in fear for the next Big One.

swarmageddon ridgecrest earthquake
Swarmageddon after Ridgecrest earthquakes in July 2019.

In July 2019, within two days, a M6.4 and a M7.1 earthquakes hit the Surles Valley in Southern California.

The resulting swarmageddon, or the series of aftershocks generated by the strong quakes, currently counts more than 100,000 earthquakes… And scientists wonder when the true ‘Big One’ will really devastate the region.

Actually, California rattles all the time. But not all these small tremors act the same, and some bring more danger than others.

After the strong shaking events, NASA sent a large research plane to fly very low over the foothills of the Ridgecrest swarm. The large DC-8 was spotted flying over Altadena during the afternoon rush hour in the San Gabriel Valley.

I still remember CBS2 and CBSNLA anchorwoman Jasmine Viel saying:
It was scary, a little bit. You didn’t know it was going to land,” she said.“Everyone kind of stopped in their cars, looking up. It was big and loud.

Of course, NASA did not answer questions asking why the ‘research’ plane was flying so low, zig-zagging over the area of Coso Volcanic Field, where the magnitude 7.1 and magnitude 6.4 struck. 

After a 2,359-mile flight from Palmdale into central California and Nevada it landed in Boise, Idaho at 7 p.m.

Since 2015, the Pacific Ring of Fire has been rattled by nearly 600 major quakes larger than M6.0. Over the same period, the Californian Coast has only been struck by 3 major quakes and Oregon by 2.

Pressure is clearly building up in this area of the globe. The swarmagddon is not enough to release all the stress accumulation. Moreover, the West Coast is long overdue for Big Earthquake. Now imagine the carnage if this devastating geological event, sometimes compared to the M9.0 Japan earthquake, occurs near LA or San Francisco. [The Big Wobble]

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  1. Classic Steve Quail type “Fear Porn” . I live in southern California and nobody is in fear of earthquakes. When they do happen they are in limited geographic areas. Do to stringent building codes most buildings can resist major damage or death to occupants. History clearly shows this. My question is what is the motivation of these people who generate these stories. Do not be afraid because that is exactly the state they want you to be in.

  2. The pressure is already there, it is not just building. Please read up on the “Earth Expansion Theory”.

    If the earth is expanding as that video shows, it will do so where the crust is already compromised, and that would be the Ring of Fire. I have heard no other credible explanations about why this swarm of quakes is happening now.
    For you people not living in California, we must explain that there is nothing we can do about it, because the USGS cannot inform us with enough time to do more than turn our freeways into parking lots. So, keeping up this fear mongering is proof they are trying to legitimize their existence by keeping everyone in a heightened hyper alert emotional turmoil about going down with the ship, as it were.

    The alternative press, as well as the legacy media need to stop all this fear mongering, pretending to be informative, but we must ask ourselves, “what can we do with that information? NOTHING MY FRIENDS, THERE IS NOT A THING WE CAN DO BUT MOVE FROM THE WEST COAST NOW, WHICH IS TRULY IMPRACTICAL FOR NUMEROUS REASONS !!!

  3. Actually we had roughly closer to 300K quakes since July 4 2019 with current storms hitting the California with trillions gallons of rain and some areas with snows the stress in California quakes will be a lot indeed. Why many Californians in high rates 12000 or more roughly exiting out from California to Las Vegas and Arizona and Washington state. I have predicted before November 2019 full moon that we will have 6-8 in ring of fire till November 30 and so far I was right and let readers of this beautiful site decide. This article may not added quakes less than 1-2 If we include all quakes 300K is more accurate. Thanks to this site for letting democracy in action.

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