Australia in Catastrophic State of Emergency: 4 Dead and Now Over 1 Million Hectares Burned (2.5 Million Acres)


My heart is positively broken for Australia right now.

Yes, Australia is on fire… And how! There are over 150 fires burning right now. Over 300 properties have been destroyed and 4 people have lost their lives. Australia is in a catastrophic state of emergency.

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australia fires, australia fires pictures, australia fires videos, more than 1 mio hectares burnt in australia fires. Picture via Twitter

Australia no longer the sunburnt country, it is now the country on fire. And weirdly, nobody is talking about it!

Its been predicted that it will take months to get these fires under control. Its only going to get worse.

If you want to look at the devastating pictures from the Facebook post below, just press on the F icon. It is really worth it!

Just to put in perspective how bad the Eastern Australian bushfires are.

When the Brazilian amazon rainforest went up in flames it burnt 650,000 hectares. Australia so far has lost 1,000,000 hectares. That’s more than 2,500,000 acres.

Smoke from the Australia fires now spans the Pacific and has moved across the tip of South America and into the Atlantic.

The fires are now seen on satellite images:

That is just terrifying!

God bless those 2500+ firefighters, defence force and NZ firies helping battle these blazes. [Facebook, News Sky]

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  1. I agree with Quasimodo’s comment. I am so sick of the news media never reporting the news unless it fits their agenda. Their agenda being cover-ups and dumbing down of the American public and serving their Soros funded demonrats. Hey, even European news is the same crap! Who cares about Colin K. or Megan Markle or the Kardashians or Taylor Swift or any of it? Here’s the typical national news half hour show on any major station…It starts with about 3 minutes of what you will hear in the next 30 minutes…then you get impeachment hearsay for the next, say, 5 minutes, then you get 5 minutes of adverts, then 5 minutes of weather…the weather that has been the same for the last millennia, but now it’s because of global warming or cooling or, currently, climate change. Weather happens. Get over it. Anyway, the weather is followed by more adverts and then we might get an interview with a democratic candidate for president or a bus crash or another hoax shooting at a school or bar or mall. More adverts. And last, we have a heartwarming (hear me wretch) story of a military vet surprising his kids at school by coming home or a dog story or a dying kid who gets his final wish story or a kid who sells lemonade to fund some charity or another.

    Nowhere do you hear about anything happening in the rest of the world unless it fits their agenda…such as the Amazon fires, which we heard quite a bit about due to that fake climate change. You also might hear about a foreign war, if one of the news anchors is embedded with our troops or if the journalist, and that’s a loose term, is actually in the war zone when the bombs go off.

  2. who needs to hear about party-pooping news like bushfires…hey in america…we got College Football and NFL games to worry about. Don’t you have some stupid Rugby games to watch instead? That’s more important. Besides….impeachment is big news. The English have to worry about what Megan Markle is going to do tomorrow and what Kate is wearing. I mean, get your priorities straight. Chileans and Bolivians have their own issues. Indians have their Gods to worship. Chinese think about their social credit system. I mean, everyone has something. Facebook profiles to manicure, photos to falsify. The Kardashians to watch and Howard Stern to listen to! whatever, a million acres of bushfire in a country that relatively few have been to….I mean — who cares! I mean acres – hectares…what the hell is a hectare anyway? Do you worry about all the calamities in other countries?

  3. Australian natural bushes thrive and spread from bush fires…. It’s natural for Australia to burn and it has happened before in the history of Australia with the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories where the whole of Australia was on fire in many stages, without this our land cannot grow.

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