Why Are All People Talking About This Strange Howl in Canada Wilderness?


Gino Meekis was hunting with his family in a forest in Ontario, when he suddenly heard strange and powerful howls coming out of the woods.

Meanwhile biologists and netizens are scratching their heads.

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Hunter captures strange howl in northern Ontario wilderness. Picture via Youtube video

Do you think Bigfoot exist? If yes, doe it live in the Canadian wilderness? Well this is at least one of the most cited and liked hypothesis on the web right now.

The videos were recorded near Sioux Lookout in northern Ontario on October 3 while Gino was hunting grouse with his wife and grandson.

They first heard the odd scream at the end of the trail along the Vermilion River. The noise is so weird that the child mimics it.

And it didn’t match any animal sounds that live in the area. But maybe you can find one in this long list of different unexplained sounds captured on video around the world.

In his interview, Meekis recalls he wasn’t scared at first, because the origin of the sound seemed far from where they were. He also added, they could hear the source of the mysterious howl moving.

Officials Baffled and Uncertain About the Origin of the Noise

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has been left baffled by this mysterious noise.

It could be a large mammal, but because of the poor quality of the video, there is no way to be sure.

Now Meekis’ videos on Youtube have gone viral. And one of the preferred hypothesis is that the creepy sound was from a Sasquatch. Others say it could be a giant bear or even a hoax.

So was it bigfoot screaming? A mating call of a huge forest monster? Or just a sick wolf? I don’t think we’ll ever find out. [CBC]

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  1. Quite a few folks who’ve heard both cryptids many times before say, “No, it’s a DOGMAN. CLEARLY.”

    Personally I have no opinion as I have never heard one or the other “live”. Not too sure I’d want to either. Kudos and Thanks to the people who stayed to record and then share it.

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