Animal Sounds: The Deadly and Mysterious Calls of Sperm Whales (VIDEO)


Whalers pursued sperm whales for the rich oil in their oversized heads. Now biologists are on the tail of these deep-diving, long-lived, sociable and mysterious sea creatures. Discover the deadly calls of sperm whales.

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Sperm whale sounds. Photo: Gerard Soury

We have learned that the tone of blue whales is changing over time. The sound behavior and life of another massive mammal, the sperm whale, remain largely a mystery since they spend most of their time at great depths, diving more than 6,000 feet in pursuit of prey and staying down for more than an hour.

What are sperm whales?

They are the largest toothed whales (a few filter-feeders, like the blue whale, are larger) and can grow to more than 60 feet long; their brains are larger than those of any other animal on earth. But even after decades of study, basic elements of sperm whale biology and behavior are poorly understood.

Discover in this video the different buzzes, clicks and squeaks used by sperm whales that spell doom for the animal’s prey.

Want to learn more about sperm whales? Read this article.

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