5 Strange and Unexpected Animal Noises


Animals noise are sometimes pretty unexpected!

Here a compilation of five weird animal vocalisations! Be curious and discover!

1. The strange sounds of the superb lyrebird

This bird is a mimic talent. It imitates anything from the songs of other birds to car alarms and camera shutters. And this to impress females. You lucky you! However sometimes, it also mimics the whines of approaching chainsaws that are destroying their forested habitat.

2. The hostile piranha vocalisations

Using an underwater microphone, researchers have recorded a hostile repertoire of piranha vocalisations (including barks and drumbeats made by gnashing teeth) – all of them accompaniments to the piranhas’ daily routines of intimidation, discord, violent pursuit and outright combat.

3. The koala weird vocalisation

The koala can produce sounds loud enough to rival those made by a one-tonne cow. Can you imagine, these cute little marsupials. In fact, in the world of the koala, procreative success practically hinges on your ability to ‘holla’ since females choose only the loudest contenders.

4.  The cheetah chirping or cry

The cheetah cry is not a respectable growl but a very surprising chirping that they use to locate one another or to protect themselves. But the weirdest tool is: males use a very special sound to trigger female ovulation.

5. The amazing song of a toadfish

Is this the horn of a ship? No, it’s the call of the toadfish. It’s generated without vocal chords by vibrating an air-filled sac known as a swim bladder. Click here to listen.

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The amazing song of a toadfish. Photo by Fenichel

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