Newly Discovered Mega-Volcano Off Philippines Has Biggest Caldera on Earth


A team including members from GNS Science have identified an ancient mega-volcano that could have the largest known caldera on Earth.

The 150km (93.2 miles) wide feature is on the crest of Benham Rise, an oceanic plateau off the Philippines coast. In comparison, the caldera at Taupō is about 35km (21.8 miles) wide, and that at Yellowstone about 60km (37.3 miles).

Apolaki on the crest of Benham Rise, undersea in the Philippines, could be the largest caldera on Earth. It's about 150km wide.
Apolaki on the crest of Benham Rise, undersea in the Philippines, could be the largest caldera on Earth. It’s about 150km (93.2 miles) wide. Map by GNS

A caldera is a depression created when a volcano collapses after the emptying of its magma chamber in an eruption, or the withdrawal of the magma.

About 150km (93.2 miles) in diameter, the caldera is comparable to the biggest impact craters on Earth and bigger than any other known calderas on this planet. It’s more comparable in size to calderas elsewhere in the solar system.

A paper on the discovery has been published in the journal Marine Geology.

Region of the Benham Rise where the largest known caldera has been discovered by GNS scientists recently. Map by Marine Geology

The crest of Benham Rise hinted at the presence of a crater. “Due to its enormous ~150 km diameter, it may be easier to suppose that it is an impact crater rather than a volcanic caldera. A caldera of this scale, subaerial or submarine, has not been documented on Earth.

While an impact crater origin for the feature could not be discounted, there was no evidence for that idea.

The largest known impact craters on Earth include Chicxulub – caused by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs nearly 66 million years ago – which is about 200km (124.3 miles) wide.

largest caldera discovered in Philippines
Benham Rise, also known as Philippine Rise contains the largest caldera ever discovered on Earth.

More Caldera Than Impact Crater

The study of the crest of Benham Rise showed it had more in common with calderas than impact craters, the paper said. The crater-like summit of Benham Rise was comparable in size to calderas on Mars, such as Olympus Mons, and on Venus, such as Colette and Sacajawea.

Due to the caldera’s enormous size, it was named Apolaki (“giant lord”) after the Filipino mythical god of the sun and war.

new mega volcano off Philippines largest caldera
Bathymetry map of the Benham Rise off the Philippines. Map via Marine Geology

It’s thought the caldera underwent multiple collapse events and a phase of resurgence.

Apolaki Caldera may well be the world’s largest caldera,” the paper said. “The short-lived but immense magmatic pulses associated with its formation must have altered the chemistry and physics of the waters and atmosphere in this part of the Pacific.

GNS said the discovery of such a large caldera raised questions about volcanism in the Benham Rise around 48-41 million years ago and what special conditions were present for Apolaki Caldera to form.

If the researchers’ findings were confirmed, Apolaki would officially become the largest known caldera on Earth.

Geomorphological characteristics of the Apolaki Caldera, the largest caldera in the world off the Philippines.

GNS noted 80 per cent of the world’s ocean floor was unmapped, and a worldwide push for more knowledge about the depth of the seafloor could lead to more unique discoveries.

That’s some kind of interesting and pretty terrifying results. Maybe we will soon find such a gigantic volcano filling up with magma above the ocean… Meanwhile Tall volcano erupts in a stunning electric show. More headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [GNS, Marine Geology, Stuff]

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  3. How did so many of you turn this into a theological slumber party? Its about a scientific discovery of possibly the largest volcanic caldera. Not the validity of the biblical age of the Earth.
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    • It is dormant and has been only discovered yet because we don’t know anything about what is on the ocean floor (more than 90%) still has to be investigated. So I think we will discover more of these things around the world.

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