This Daytime Fireball Exploded so Violently Over Croatia and Slovenia That it Set Off Seismometers in the Area


That is insane!

The fireball disintegrated over Croatia and Slovenia and its explosion was so strong that the the shockwave set off the earthquake detectors in the area.

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Daytime meteor explodes and shakes Slovenia and Croatia on February 28 2020 video. Picture 24sata

The spectacular daytime meteor exploded over Croatia and Slovenia today, February 28, 2020, at 10:34 local time (09:34 UTC), Feb 28th.

Many residents across the entire area have reported hearing a loud boom.

The deflagration was so powerful that it showed up on seismographs in the area.

In Zagreb people reported strong rumbling and tremors and first thought about an earthquake, before officials suggested it was a celestial body.

Slovenian and Croatian media have published pictures of white smoke in the sky. According to astronomers, the fireball was at a height of about 30 kilometers, when it exploded.

WoW! That’s pretty high. Was it a Chelyabinsk like space rock? Further analyses of the trajectory will be able to determine the size and weight of the daytime meteor that shook the Balkans today. More meteor fireball news on Strange Sounds and Meteor Shower Tonight. [SOTT, STA, DubrovnikTimes]

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