They Had Angels Protecting Them: Four Children Lost in Rural Alaska During Blizzard Found Alive Huddling Around 2-Year-Old


Four children who went missing Sunday during a blizzard in rural Alaska.

The boys, between 2 to 14, dug a foot-deep hole and positioned themselves in a way so that the 2-year-old wouldn’t be as exposed to the elements.

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Four children lost in rural Alaska during blizzard found alive huddling around 2-year-old

A freak bomb cyclone engulfed Alaska beginning on February2, 2020, bringing intense blizzard conditions across the Last Frontier. On that Sunday, four children, aged between 2 and 14, decided to make a snow machine ride in those extreme weather conditions. And of course, they got lost. Rescuers discovered them alive in a hole in the snow, huddling around the baby, Monday about 20 miles outside the village of Nunam Iqua, on Alaska’s west coast. Yes, they had angels protecting them!

The children dug a foot-deep hole in the snow and huddled around each other. They kept the youngest in the middle so he wouldn’t be exposed to the conditions. Great survival skills!

The infant was in there. And the boy laid over the infant, and on his left side, a little older boy covering the draft. And the 7-year-old was laying right above them like he was blocking the wind. They were protecting the baby,” reported one of the rescuer.

It is unknown why the children weent so far away from the village during the storm and an official present noted: “In winter time our storms are very bad. Sense of direction is not to be played with.” Yes, they probably got lost!


The alarm was given Sunday at 6:25 p.m. local time, five hours after the children hadn’t returned home from a snow-machine ride near the remote village of Nunam Iqua.

There were winter storm warnings with wind gusts as high as 60 mph, and wind chills as low as 45 below zero in effect throughout the region at the time state troopers were alerted.

Army National Guard and USCG helicopters were called in Sunday to assist, but blizzard conditions hampered visibility.

Listen to the audio story here:

Alive but…

The mission may have ended for the searchers, but for the boys, the battle is not over.

They have survived over 24 hours outside, through the night, forming a human shelter for their two-year old brother to stay warm.

Three of the children were treated for severe hypothermia.

Still, the boys already defied the odds. But their rescue was lucky. They were in an area other searchers had already passed through multiple times without seeing the children.

Omg that is awesome and amazing that they were able to protect the 2 year old. I am so glad they were found. The will to survive in these boys is amazing. I have never seen anything like that. Meanwhile deadly winter storm Kade is dangerously sweeping across the US. Find similar amazing stories on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle [Facebook, Alaska Public Media, Fox8]

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