Three Strange Circles Appear Over Irkutsk, Russia, Raising Concerns About Possible UFO Invasions and Coronavirus Spraying


Three perfect, strange circles emerge over Russian city of Irkutsk.

And the video is just baffling:

The three ring-shaped flying objects appeared above the city of Irkutsk on January 5, 2020.

Local media said a fourth ring appeared shortly afterwards.

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Three strange rings appear in the sky over Irkutsk, Russia on February 5 2020. Picture via Youtube video

The perfectly round clouds in the sky appeared out of nowhere.

At the beginning, there were only two floating rings, before a third suddenly formed.

three strange cloud rings sky irkutsk russia, Ring-like clouds above Irkutsk in southern Russia
Ring-like clouds above Irkutsk in southern Russia Picture via CEN

Towards the end of the next footage, a plane is seen heading towards the sky rings and pierces the first circle.

Causes of the strange ring phenomenon?

The unusual phenomenon has raised discussions among web users over huge smoke rings, like those from Etna volcano, possible UFO sightings, and even some saying “Someone is Spraying coronavirus?

Others suggested the cloud circles could have been produced by a quadcopter or type of drone while others speculated that they could have been the result of secret test flights.

The director of the Astronomical Observatory of the Irkutsk State University, Sergei Yazev, 61, corroborates this last hypothesis, saying the circles in the sky were probably the inversion traces of a plane or aircraft.

RT finally reported that the smoke rings had been left by a Su-30 fighter.

Many strange sky phenomena lately

Just two days ago, Chinese social media users have reported unusual sightings of dense flocks of crows and a mass of giant overwintering mosquitoes

Last week, a Viva Air pilot captured a bizarre cube-shaped object flying across the sky over Colombia.

Moreover, another weird sky event, looking like a glittering snake-like UFO falling from above, illuminated in red and gold over São Paulo, Brazil:

So what is behind those weird sightings? Is it a sign of the Endtimes? More interesting articles like that on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [Daily Star]

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