Starlink Satellites Fly Single Line Across the Sky Over Puerto Rico


On February 17, 2020, SpaceX successfully launched 60 Starlink satellites on orbit.

Now look at the amazing video of the newly released satellites flying across the sky of Puerto Rico:

A couple of flashes are visible ahead of the main group of satellites. They are perhaps from parts or a pair of Starlink satellites ahead of the others.

This latest launch brings the total number of Starlink satellites in orbit to 300. This number will grow to 42,000 by the end of the project.

There are no international rules governing the brightness of orbiting manmade objects.

Although Starlink will bring internet access to every single corner of the world, it poses a serious threat to astronomical research and to us.

Sending mega-constellations of tens of thousands of internet satellites into low-Earth orbit will ruin many astronomical observations as well as the uncontaminated view of the night sky from dark places, which should be considered a non-renounceable world human heritage.

Right now, about 2,000 satellites orbit Earth and many thousands of dead satellites exist in “graveyard” orbits). So adding thousands more spacecrafts will increase the probabilities of collision and of space junk suddenly falling on Earth, near or on our homes and cities. And then we will need another definition for NEOs.

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  1. Well all of this are as a results of SPACE X sending 12000 satellites for 5G network. Since T Mobile says we have 5G all over USA followed by Verizon and others. We have so much rate of crimes and stolen cars every night in Canada , i am sure is in USA. We are sick of tired of 5 G , use only I phone XR never you get 5G , max is 4GLTE . Your cable man comes and put 5g and 2,4GHZ on the router and go home. They get paid more how many 5G installed. You need call your cable or other companies tell them turn off you all wireless . Instead you use all 4 ports back on the router i hope you buy it saves money. Old times we used wire it down.If you want wireless at least put it on 2.GHZ and stop the wireless at closer to bed by 10pm.You must be control of all your wireless and refuse them if they do not want remove 5G? We people have power ?
    Thanks you all.

  2. Hi,

    I’m from Perth Western Australia and seen a line of the Starlink satellites go overhead early December 2019. Freaked me right out. They were so uniformed in distance and so many. I got so spooked i phoned the local radio station and they said the observatory had contacted them and said that it was the Starlink satellites. I hadn’t heard anything about it. Strange it wasn’t mentioned on the news so people could go out and look like they do with meteor showers for example. I was just wondering if any one else has seen the Starlink satellites in the skies in different countries around the world and why they can’t be seen all the time.

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